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I just read the CNN nrwsfeed. 8 articles on Trump and his impeachment. Had the Democrats simply let him go, he would probably already be forgotten. But now he is getting more coverage than Biden.

London lost its number one place among Europe's stock exchanges. But if you think big Frankfurt is now number one, it isn't. Little Amsterdam, with not even a million population, is number one.

If you use a VPN, use a separate browser for the VPN, or you will be identified.

Visit this site to see how you are identifiable:

There is a new candidate for a Darwin Award. He and his buddy were doing a “prank” robbery as part of a YouTube video, with butcher knives on unsuspecting people. One of the victims had and fatally used a gun.

If you use a VPN, use a separate Browser for that. Using the same Browser with and without VPN gives away your identity.
See the Favicon toot by @thumb

With the help of digital image enhancement, imaging specialist Andy Saunders located two missing golf balls. What's the big deal? These two golf balls are on then moon :)

Rest In Peace, Leon Spinks.
Spinks beat Muhammad Ali in 1978. Now he lost his fight with cancer.

Tea in the park, epilogue
It is fun to sit on a bench in the park and enjoy some tea. When your clothes are warm enough.
Next time I will also take a radio with headset, cause reading news on a phone does not go well below freezing. Touch screens don´t like that.

Tea in the park, pt.3
I was wearing ski pants over my pants. I noticed I need suspenders, they kept slipping down, and I had to pull the jackets up to correct that. Not good :(
I noticed that I need to keep the sole of my boot from resting flat on the ground. Less cold feet.
For drinking my tea, a light cup is better than a heavy one, as it drains less heat. Also I only fill it half, and refill more often. Then I have continous hot tee. The wind blew my light cup away, so I had to watch that.

Tea in the park, pt.2
I wore a padded vest, my normal winter jacket, and a big winter jacket on top. The snow did not melt on my outer jacket, so I had enough insulation.That was fine, too.
I did not put my phone into an outer pocket, that is too cold there. I have some light gloves with the tip of thumb and index finger cut off in case I need tu use my phone. Else I had gloves without separate fingers, they warm better.

Tea in the park, pt.1
I like going to the park, sit on a bench, and have some tea.
Temparatures around -10c/14f
, snow and wind gusts of 8bft/38kn/70kmh made this challenging to me. (I hear you Alaskans and Siberians laughing).
Anyway, I needed to find a way to be comfortable when sitting for an hour.
On my head, I has a ski-mask/balaclava, a wollen cap, and a hood. Thas was fine. I also wore sports glasses, as snow being blown in my eyes wasn´t good.

Some people flatly say “if it’s free, you’re the product”.

That is so wrong. With FOSS, you aren't. With organizations like Proton or Riseup, where those who can afford it pay, and others don't you aren't.

I just posted this with a wrong adress:

"If you are looking for Android apps, look at
When you find one or more, fetch it from Fdroid."

It is, not .org. Sorry.

thanks, @edgren

If you are looking for Android apps, look at
When you find one or more, fetch it from Fdroid.

If you would like to know when to expect stupid computer failures in the future, read this:

I found an intetesting app on Fdroid. PCAPdroid can capture your network traffic, and send it to your PC running Wireshark.

User manual:

I have seen quite a number of Warnings, that ALL Raspberry Pi running Linux contact Microsoft. That is clickbait.
Sadly, most Pi will be running Pi OS which use to be called Raspbian, and these ARE affected. Luckily, this can be removed.
If you are running your Pi with any other Linux like Kali, Suse etc., you ARE NOT affected.

If you need VPN now and then, Proton VPN is a good start. It is free. If you wish use it heavily, there are paid options.

There is an Android app on Fdroid to use it right away.

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