I have seen lots of cigarette packs with warnings, but this one tops them all! (I claim no rights to my photo). Enjoy this (well) photo.

Remember when one of the biggest muder mysteries was Culombos first name? Through modern forensics including HDTV and digital recording, this now solved. While it was part of the concept that nobody knew his first name (or ever saw his wife), sombody at some time had to make his ID. And this nobody gave him a first name.
Gotcha Frank!

A friend needed help. He could not copy three video clips onto his micro sd. Not even one. I myself needed a moment to understand the problem.

Did you know that most reports on the Austrian village "Fucking" are censored or blocked. There is even a beer named after this village. It is a light or pale beer, as opposed to dark beer. The German word for this is 'hell' :)


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