Why do you use GNU/Linux instead of something like OpenBSD or FreeBSD, is it purely an ethical reason or maybe package availability, I'm actually curious to see what you guys and gals have to say?

@koreymoffett In my case it's because I don't like the license too much. I don't like to see how companies like Nintendo and Sony takes the software, make it proprietary and give nothing back (as I know).

However I have to say that technically BSD are more seductive to me. I think they don't usually make disruptives changes that divide the community more than it is.


@jrballesteros05 @koreymoffett
Most people use Linux, most people develop for Linux. The more Open Source OS'es are split up, the weaker they get. So it is best to use/support the big one and keep it strong. If BSD were the biggest, I'ld use that. For most people the technical differences don't matter.

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