Would someone please recommend an electronic ink tablet device for reading on?

I have tried reading on traditional light-emitting screens and I find the experience unsatisfactory compared to paper. My ideal solution would be large enough in at least one dimension (portrait or landscape) to view a full page PDF without scaling or horizontal scrolling.

My hope is that someone who already has such a device can speak from personal experience. I find it very hard to trust reviews/review articles.


You should say which screen size you need. You can determine that with a normal tablet. Someone with better eyes might favor a device too small for you.

@rudolf Thanks, that's a good point for clarification.

My main goal is to be able to see the full width of a "standard PDF page" at 100% zoom (as if I had printed it out.) So I guess by that metric I'm looking for a device which is at least 8.5 inches in one (or both) dimensions.

Then you need to pick your typical page, and look at it with different sized devices. Then you will know.

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