If you have an account that you want to be anonymous, you connot use someone elses picture as "your" profile picture and do not want to use yours. But having a picture "of you" makes it seem more real. Here is a site to get such a picture. Refresh until you get one you like.
There are other pages like this, but these are fresh made, so noone else will have yours. Also there is no copyright notice.

@rudolf kinda feel good that I am able to follow your account! Absolute gems your toots man!

@rudolf These are deepfakes, so they are based on faces of real people and differences are barely noticible even for an advanced AI.

They are truely artificial. I sent "mine" through Yandex and a reverse face search, no me :)

@rudolf some of personas do not exist for sure. not with that damage!

I had some damaged one too. Proves they are from a computer :)

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