You really do not need a Google account to use an Android phone or tablet.
I have been doing that as long as I use Android, for about 10 years now.
You can get apps per Browser from,,, and from Playstore via
You can use one or more of these apps to get apps comfortably:
Fdroid app
Aurora Store
You cannot use paid apps from Playstore, but you get quite a few from their publisher, like Threema.

@rudolf do you use custom roms? what about google services? i was doing the same until i got a new phone. no official lineage os for it yet

I used Stock Roms, I used Lineage and CyanogenMod, in the early days I made my own Custom Roms.
If you REALLY need Play Services, there is MicroG. I always found an app that worked without Play Services.

@rudolf yes i started with cyanogenmod. I used lineage os without google services for a few months. only installed fdroid plus aurora besides a firewall. it felt like the purest freedom until i read about wifi antennas. can you give me a few starting points for creating my own custom rom based on lineageos? there's a device tree for my droid and i guess that's the first thing i need

What is the problem with wifi antennas?
With Lineage, see if your phone is treble. Or serach XDA for an unofficial LOS. Building your own is a big thing.

@rudolf nothing special, it's almost entirely about discoverability. there's a channel posts things about that kind of stuff:

yep there are only unofficial roms and recovery images / twrp for my device but i can't trust as i can't audit. i didn't take the time to try it comprehensively though. would you trust? It seems better to use stock rom after removing bloatwares. i think only some care about security on xda. most users seem to be installing any software

If you are paranoid, stop using your phone!
You can switch wifi off.
There is no big difference between an official and an unofficial LOS. Both are not audited, neither is your standard rom. You will have to trust. But trust can be done with common sense.

@rudolf sometimes i do so, but am definitely not a paranoid

@rudolf i love fdroid. but aurora is like newspipe, both are unstable due to the network they depend on

There is a problem with newpipe recently on Fdroid, get it from them till that is solved:
With Aurora you sometimes need to wait some hours or a day. Sometimes it helps to use the custom tokenizer in Settings, Network.

@rudolf I am using LineageOS without Google services and love it. I will _never_ revert to a google infested OS.

Cool, a good pick of apps. No Aurora, you seem to stay fully clear og Google. BTW, what it the smily below Magisk?

Yep, its Lucky patcher for disable ads on apps and many other things

@samuraikid @rudolf
Looks delightful!
You even have some of my favorite apps, despite covering the names.

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