I write web search instead of google. I want to state that I do not recommend using google.
So next time you are looking for something, don't google it, web search it.

@rudolf that won't float. there is a thing called language economy. we tend to use shorter, more colourful, more emotionally charged words to displace longer, vague, more general counterparts. google it will always win against web search it. you need something like fzhip it (non-word) to displace google it. duck it won't work either for obvious reasons.

@themactep I know, the Czech word for photocopy is xerox.
But saying web search is a statement, and to me worth thr extra letters.

@rudolf genericized trademarks are quite often. copy machine in russian is xerox, too (ксерокс) and it is not refered to a particular brand. google has spent tons of money to stop people from using
google as a verb. it did not happen. because of the language economy. what's good as a statement is not necessarily feasible on a long run.

@themactep @rudolf I think they have to do that legally to not lose their trademark rights. It’s the same with ip. I don’t think it was ever such a big focus of them.

@rudolf You're totally right. I qwantify it ^^, but still use the verb google. I have to change this.

@rudolf I usually say "look it up" or just "search it". Quicker.

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