I asked a doctor if I need help because I am talking to my walls.
"Only if they answer" he said :)

@themactep People who pay and install an eavesdropping device need a doctor :)

@rudolf right, but every android is earsdropping on you, every iphone, every smart tv does.

@rudolf does your phone have a mic? then you're on the hook anyway. many spying functions can be activated remotely from a cell tower even if your phone is off (which is actually just another level of stand-by mode). sim card has more control over your phone than your operating system. so, unless you physically remove battery from the phone, you are under threat of surveilence.

Sorry, but no, my mic cannot be activated via SIM or cellular network.

@themactep @rudolf I remember something like you said. Some phones are vulnerable to remotely activating microphones because of the alarms waking up the phone (aren't all Androids like this?). Not sure but, perhaps a solution would be to turn off alarms that could wake up the Android, or removing this characteristic from the Android OS? Removing the sim card will not help due to the emergency services in the OS. Removing battery is difficult for daily use unless you carry a tool bag with you :D

@can @themactep
No. I researched this intensely. There was a modified firmware (by intelligence agencies) for some dumbphones. With these phones the operator could trigger an update to the malware. But in the end, it was not the SIM.
The Sim might get control of the modem, but not of the phone and it's hardware.

Switch off your phone, and leave it off for some months. The battery would be empty if anything were still operating. I have not seen a phone where this happens.

@themactep A good article on the capabilities of modern SIM cards. But it does not support your point.
The SIM can not control my microphone, camera, gps, etc. It can spy on my calls and SMS, but so can my provider.
My Android phone cannot spy on me.

@rudolf I'm glad you are so confident in your android phone. but edward snowden has brought us a lot of interesting reading on the topic. i suggest you to make yourself familiar with it. it's truly fascinating.

I am familiar. And I will stop here, as I cannot give you a complete education on cyber security.

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