Why do folks often believe that to go FOSS, they need to remove Outlook, Office, and Windows all at once and then use FOSS only next day?
First install Firefox on Windows, get used to that. Then Thunderbird. Later Libre Office. And so on. When all that goes smoothly, then think about Linux.
Go FOSS step by step.

@rudolf A lot of people believe privacy/freedom/etc is binary, either you have it or not. "you're not really free because there's a binary blob in your firmware", "the NSA probably has a backdoor anyway so might as well give all my info to Google", etc etc.
In reality it's more of a spectrum, every little thing we do to deny them easy access to our lives and computing freedom is a victory gained.

@Matter That is very well expressed. You should save that post and repost it now and then, here and there!

@rudolf I still use some non-FOSS software in some cases where I have very little choice, but even if I or others never go fully FOSS, some is better than none.

@rudolf That's what I did for my wife. I saw that MSOffice was going subscription so I introduced her to LibreOffice on Windows 10.

I had to suffer some complaints because this was some years ago and LibreOffice's compatibility wasn't what it is now.

She's happily using Linux Mint now and the only complaint I've had is the loss of a Photo book creation app that's now web-based and lacks built-in tools for things like red-eye removal.

A bit of training on Pix should address that niggle.

@rudolf The #FOSS transition should be about intent - as long as you maintain a healthy sense of discomfort at using closed stuff controlled by someone else, and whenever an opportunity arises, make the transition in the right direction. We all have different priorities and opportunities, but if we're all pulling in the same, more open, direction, we'll all benefit.


Started with VLC on Windows for me 15 years ago. Now I'm balls deep in tiling WMs and terminal email clients

@rudolf I use that strategy in my online course. I am currently teaching GNU/Linux & Free Software in Indonesia via Telegram. Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate it!

#freesw #GNUlinux

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