Do not use the Android clipboard for passwords, logins, card numbers, or any kind of sensitive data.

With Android, the clipboard can be read anytime by any app. No permission needed. And the app can then send your data to someone else. If you want to see this, fetch the Clip Stack app from Fdroid, it shows you the clipboard history, and lets you access previous content.

@rudolf thanks for sharing!

That doesn't seems like something new at all, clipboards are not system safe in any O.S and machine.

Your goal should be running foss only and monitor your processes for this kind of innappropiate behaviours.

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@rudolf This is, unfortunately, the principle method by which password managers work.

Nope. KeepassDX and Keepass2android use virtual keyboards.

Do not use Keepassdroid! Keepass2android can directly use your existing database.

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