Man, what's wrong with Windows. If I format my drive to exFAT in Manjaro, it works fine in Manjaro but Windows wont recognise the drive as usable, if I format it as exFAT in Windows it works both ways..? The heck.


@Xian_ Windows uses the partition number from the partition table, Linux reads the partition itself to determine the file system type. So you need to set the correct type number in the partition table for Windows to use it.

@rudolf is there any particular reason Windows does this instead of just reading the partition?

@Xian_ The partition table is older than Linux, and using the type set in the partition table and leaving all other partitions alone is the correct way of doing it. Or in simple terms, the Linux way works, but is not correct.

@rudolf the more you know i guess, didn't know this at all.. Probably because i never ran both OS at the same time before, usually i runt them 6 months at a time until some game that runs better on windows comes out, lol

@Xian_ I am talking about msdos and ccpm on a 10 mb disk. Maybe some time before you had a compter :)

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