Would you pay $50 per GB for internet access on vacation? That probably depends on how far away from home you wish to travel. Compared to the $11.250 for toilet usage per day, it actually sounds like a bargain. So here is the price list for your next vacation in orbit:

Russian military goes for Linux. Astra Linux, a Debian fork, has been certified safe enough to handle Russian military secrets.
Do svidaniya Windows:)


Yalp store is "broken" for some days now. It cannot find apps anymore. Enter "firefox" and it finds nothing.
As a workaround, go to playstore in a browser, search there, and then copy the package name ( after id=) from the URL of the app. For firefox that would be "org.mozilla.firefox". Put that into the Yalp search, and Yalp will 'find' firefox.

Now that google has banned Huawei, wouldn't it be cool/intelligent if they supplied their phones with LineagesOS?
Sadly, they are probably to stupid to figure that out.

Remember when one of the biggest muder mysteries was Culombos first name? Through modern forensics including HDTV and digital recording, this now solved. While it was part of the concept that nobody knew his first name (or ever saw his wife), sombody at some time had to make his ID. And this nobody gave him a first name.
Gotcha Frank!

I am using Tusky, and just wanted to copy a username I wanted to use it in a post, and could not. Does anyone know how to do that (without sharing the post to a browser).

I think the /e/ project is a big mistake. /e/ is based on Lineageos. They could have made a package which you flash over a Lineage. Then they would only need to supply one .zip for 15.1, one for 16.1, etc.
Now they have to supply a complete rom for each and every device. This is a complete waste of manpower, as hundereds of people are already doing this at Lineage.
/e/ will only be available for a few devices.

If you are still using Firefox, don't forget to reset the xpinstall... in about:config
(in case you changed it as a workaround for the addon fault).

Fennec (Firefox) with addons working is available at Fdroid.

I often read that using Foss isn't as comfortable as using Apple or Microsoft. When I consider what the folks who fled Europe and went to the US for their freedom had to go through...
Compared to that, with computers, freedom is soooo easy. Remember that every time you feel a bit uncomfortable.

Has anybody used Deltachat?
Thats a foss messenger that uses e-mail accounts.

A friend needed help. He could not copy three video clips onto his micro sd. Not even one. I myself needed a moment to understand the problem.

I'm just watching a 1975 Columbo episode 'Troubled Waters', where Colzmbo solvea a murder case during a ship cruise. The captain is Patrick Macnee (John Steed, Avengers), the killer is Robert Vaughn (Napoleon Solo, U.N.C.L.E). Have you ever seen an episode with even more top guest stars?
I don't mean crossovers like Matlock showing up in Diagnosis Murder, or Gibbs with his team in NCIS LA. Really big stars from one series doing someone completely else in another series.

Did you know that most reports on the Austrian village "Fucking" are censored or blocked. There is even a beer named after this village. It is a light or pale beer, as opposed to dark beer. The German word for this is 'hell' :)

I just spent 66€ and ordered a 1TB USB Stick made by PNY. Have those times changed. I can still remember how proud I was to have one of the first 32MB Sticks. And it wasn't cheaper than the one I'll get now.

Does any of you use Delta Chat? How well does chat via email work?

Case sensitive IPv6 Adresses are the newest Plan to counter the problem of IPv6 adresses running out.

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