I just foolishly updated Linphone, 4.3.1->4.4.3.
I then saw the file size grew from 37 to 96 mb. The Changelog shows nothing to explain that.
Next I am supposed to accept some terms of use and privacy policy :(

So I am downgrading. I tried to find a settings backup like in CsipSimple, no way. I will need to set it up manually.


I just read about a new set of attacks on wifi connections. They are called . The most useful one would get you to use a malicious DNS server.
Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) makes you safe against this attack, as well as other DNS spoofing attacks and censoring via DNS.


I found an app on Fossdroid which first puzzled me. Lucia. After some searching I found out what it is good for. In Germany there is a government sponsored app used to check in to stores, events etc. so they can trace you in the event of a corona infection.
The original app has some severe privacy issues. Lucia solves this by using no actual data :)


Would you be comfortable with being called a "federate" here, as in "hello federates" ?

Strange thing.
If I look at the app below with Aurora Store or in the Exodus site, both say it has zero trackers.
If I check it with the ClassyShark app, it finds two trackers.
Looks like Exodus has problems.


Just in case you might wonder, even 8 bit compilers were able to use 64 bit values :)

Who needs 64 bit?
Well, it seems the New York 's NASDAQ should slowly adapt 64 bits, as one stock price is at the 32 bit border :)


I found an interesting app on Fdroid. The purpose of the app is to get access to Facebook events without an account. Therefore it does not use the Facebook API.

Example: Search for "Poland Rock Facebook", and you get:
Paste that URL into this app, and it extracts the event info, and can add it to your calendar.
I do not want to use Facebook, but some events are only posted there. Then this app helps.


A team of University of Virginia School of Engineering computer science researchers has uncovered a line of attack that breaks all Spectre defenses.


The Finnish seem already have created a word for a change in behaviour seen in lots of corona lockdown victims. “Kalsarikänni“ means getting drunk at home in underpants.
The word was already created before corona in wise foresight :)


If you use Tusky, look at Ariane, a Gemini browser. It works seamlessly, you click the Gemini link in Tusky, read it, and the back key puts you right back to Tusky.


I saw the app RethinkDNS on Fdroid. It claims to:
- let you use encrypted DNS
- block ads via blocktist
- be a functional firewall

Does anyone use it or have information about it?




toGoZip is a cool app that lets you share pictures or whatever into a .zip file, using any apps share function.
The .zip file is saved in your download folder or whereever you want. You can then upload or attach it.


Android: Browse Gemini sites using a normal web browser
Xenia is a proxy which allows browsing Gemini sites using a normal web browser.


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