US gun politics 

Right after the school shooting in Texas, many people here immediately used this tragic incident to post their political agenda.
Sorry, but can't you at least wait till the victims are cold?
Luckily nobody picked up the fact that the shooter was a criminal Hispanic 18 year old.
Please cool down and think whether your agenda must be posted immediately. Cool down, think again, then post.
Keep this place peaceful.

Seems like folks are getting something mixed up. Duck Duck Go has admitted they allow Microsoft Tracking in their Browser.
That however does not apply to their search page. So you need not stop using that.

Do we need so many Distros?
Do you need so many tools?
Does your wife need so many shoes?

Down you want your own server cluster or server farm, but don't have the space ? Or your wife would kill you if she sees it, here you go. Board costs $239 🙂

"The Turing Pi 2 is a 4-node mini ITX cluster board with a built-in Ethernet switch that runs Raspberry Pi CM4 or Nvidia Jetson compute modules in any combination. It's like a data center server rack but compact, noiseless, and highly energy-efficient."

Kali Linux announced their newest release as "Kali Unkaputtbar", as it is easy to make and restore snapshots. Good for those who like to shoot down their installation 🙂

Looks like Open Software is winning big. Till now the GPL was only enforcible by an author claiming his copyright. Now a lawsuit is getting ahead where the argument ist that getting the source of a GPLed product is a consumer right. That is bad news for big companies who till now didn't care.

I was looking how I could use my Android phone as a magnifying glass. Nothing Foss, very sad. But after trying some apps from Playstore, I found a little gem, WeZoom.
No trackers, no internet, no ads (and sadly no source) :(
It first looks like a camera, but instead of taking a photo you just freeze the picture. Then you can apply filters to enhance visibility. Last not least you can save what you see. Try using it with or without autofocus.
A very cool tool.

The local timeline has really calmed down somewhat. Or are you all enjoying good weather outside?

Firefox for Android ver. 100 is out.
It has six trackers. For your "privacy" 😅

Google Play Install Referrer
Google AdMob
Google Firebase Analytics
Mozilla Telemetry


Why use an app from Fdroid?

Fdroid takes the source of an app, compiles/builds it and signs it. If the author put some backdoor or other bad stuff in his built version of the app, this won't be in the Froid version.
Fdroid builds without trackers. Firefox from Playstore has tackers, from Fdroid it doesn't.

Apps in Repos like Bromite or IzzyOnDroid are not built by Fdroid.

As some people get this confused:
The Mastodon app in the IzzyOnDroid repo is not from Fdroid, it is the app from Github.
This is just a trick to make the Fdroid app install the Github version of Mastodon.
There is no Fdroid version of the Mastodon app.

If you want the latest Conversations 2.10.5+playstore app, for example to compare it with the Fdroid version, today it is for free. I fetched it with Aurora Store from Fdroid.

I just wanted to look at the newest version of the "official" Mastodon Android app.
No, you can't get it at Fdroid. At Github, you only get the old version 1.0.2.
to use the newest FOSS app for your FOSS social network to talk about FOSS software.
This is just so ugly wrong.

Who on his own found out how to use the "official" Mastodon Android app with two or more accounts?

I there a setting for Fedilab to make the app work in English on a systen using another language?

Although I get most apps from Fdroid, I get Newpipe from Github. Youtube often fiddles something to make Newpipe fail. Newpipe correcta fast, but Fdroid has some days delay. And when I want a video, I want it now. @astrojuanlu

I just tried something interesting.

I read the infosec.xchange local timeline with subway Tooter and was not logged in to any account there.

Then I replied to a infosec toot logged in to my account. It appeared in the thread as if I had been there. I like how seamless that worked.

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