Dear FOSS devs, do you really want help?
I use the app, and the latest release has me loosing the connection all the time. I had to downgrade.
If you walk down the street, someone falls and is hurt and you offer help. He says give me your ID and adress to help me. I would walk past this id**t. FY.
Gadgetbridge wants my email, or I cannot help. FY.
They can have my help, but not my personal info. Else, why don't I jusg use Google crap?
Most others do it the same way.

Do you want music?
Have you considered Internet Radio? For example with Radiodroid you can listen to over 40000 stations worldwide. With other apps/programs you can even record these streams to separate files for each song. With a raspberry going 24/7 you get a few thousand songs in a week or two.

Radio (FM and SW) is the only thing that will work if the internet goes down completely. I do not beleive any city or county has enough trucks with loudspeakers.
Many, especially European countries are stupidly planning to shut down the good old analogue radio. Oppose them whenever you can!

Ok, I just installed Bitwarden on Android, created an account, and tried it out. It starts in a mode where autofill is not enabled, and the only way to use it is by using the clipboard.
Any beginner in Android security knows the clipboard is public and can be monitored/read by any other app in the backround. If they publish an app like that, they are not to be trusted.
Do not use Bitwarden with Android, it is a security problem!
Use Keepass2Android or KeepassDX.
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Windows 7 continued...

Go to your network/wifi adapters settings. Remove all protocols except ipv4and ipv6. Be sure to remove the client/sharing, most exploits use these.

Now that computer should be safe to use.

Then let the Windows user get used to that for a month.

Next try to get them from MS Office to Libre/Open Office.

Wait another month.

Then, you can see if they really need the remaining Microsoft stuff. If not, I doubt they would notice much if you switch them to Linux.

If you have someone in panic because they use Windows 7, don't force an Update to 10.

Install Windows10firewallcontrol. With that, you are asked for permission each time a program wants Internet for the first time.

Remove the Microsoft Browser and Media Player. Install Firefox, Thunderbird, and VLC. They have their own libs for SSL, rendering, audio , video etc. Most security problems come from MS libraries, and through this you circumvent these security problems.

Why is everybody posting about Windows 7 suddenly being unsafe? Was it ever safe? Du you really believe Windows 10 with patches is safer than Windows7 without patches?
I understand the big news in Computermagazines where Microsoft buys advertisement. But here?

Bitwarden is an open source password manager with an Android version.
I just looked at it.
It wants internet access, has a built in tracker, and wants my e-mail before I can use it.
I just deleted it.

Why would anyone use such an app?


Why do folks often believe that to go FOSS, they need to remove Outlook, Office, and Windows all at once and then use FOSS only next day?
First install Firefox on Windows, get used to that. Then Thunderbird. Later Libre Office. And so on. When all that goes smoothly, then think about Linux.
Go FOSS step by step.

When you write or sign legal documents with date, do not write 1-1-20 this year, always write like 1-1-2020 this year. Because it is easy to fake 1-1-20 to 1-1-2019 or any other year in 20xx.

Netguard is an Android Firewall for non rooted devices. It can keep most of the spying stuff on your phone from sending your data somewhere else. It also saves you bandwith.
If you don't get it from Plsystore but instead download it from Github, it can also double as a systemwide Adblocker for your Android device!

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I just reported some posts. I had not noticed that I had slipped to the federated tab. So my reporting makes no sense, sorry for that.

What would you do if your Windows didn't boot? Do this before that happens:

Create a recovery drive on a 32- bit Windows 10. Make sure Back up system files is NOT selected.

Download Free Commander Portable 32-bit and put it on the rescue disk.

Boot the rescue disk and you can run Freecommander from the command line. You then have a graphic screen with all you need to access your Windows disk, SMB and ftp clients included.

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Ich hoffe ihr hattet ein paar ruhige und besinnliche Tage! Das Kuketz-Forum ist aus seiner Weihnachtspause erwacht, es darf nun wieder diskutiert werden.

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So we try to keep our computers safe. If we sometimes fail, we should not be to sad, because obviously the FSB(KGB) in Moscow can't even keep folks from shooting around in their Lubjanka headquarters. :)

Why sell drugs,guns, diamonds or ivory if you can sell IPv4s?
A top nonprofit/ngo official is accused of stealing and selling IPv4s.

German autority "BSI" has withheld information about security problems in Truecrypt for almost 10 years. These could still effect Veracrypt.
This authority is supposed to help citizens keep their computers secure. But obviously they are not to be trusted.

Ruth Davidson of the Scottish National Party is in for the probably biggest surprise after the election. She claimed that if the SNP would get 50 seats she would swim naked in Loch Ness. It is expected to be 55 seats :)

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