Tiny-Core is a Linux the runs completely from RAM. I use it for maintanance, you can boot it from USB and then remove the boot device :)
Get it from tinycorelinux.net/
Download the book, and the Tinycore ISO with gigantic 16MB. The Tinycore is with graphical interface. Core is cmdline only and a bit too hardcore for first time use.
When it runs, right click the desktop and choose Apps to install packages.
I boot it from USB with Syslinux, I could post a howto if needed.

I just installed Tiny-Core Linux on my Raspberry Pi. This is a 64-bit system that runs completely from RAM. After boot, you could remove the SD. Boot partition size is 64MB :)
Get it from tinycorelinux.net/12.x/armv6/r
Unzip and dd image to SD.
Edit cmdline.txt on the Fat partition, add these:
showapps pause multivt kmap=qwertxxxx tz=xxx.
Install mc:
run "tce-ab", press 's', enter "mc", choose mc, press 'q' and 'i'.
Do the same for kmap.
Reboot, and have fun.

Discussions on which programming language is the best compares to discussing whether a hammer or a screwdriver is the better tool.

Have you ever wondered why Windows bluescreens are blue?
Here is the answer:


Are you lonely tonite?
If you miss being able to visit a bar due to corona, you can at least get the sound in your home :)


If you have an account that you want to be anonymous, you connot use someone elses picture as "your" profile picture and do not want to use yours. But having a picture "of you" makes it seem more real. Here is a site to get such a picture. Refresh until you get one you like.
There are other pages like this, but these are fresh made, so noone else will have yours. Also there is no copyright notice.


If you are gonna drive in the deep freeze:
Have at least one blanket or sleeping bag for each passenger.
Have spare gas.
Have hot tea. Even hot water will do.
Have a flashlight (or three).
If you have a ham/CB/FRS Radio take that too.
Keep someone informed about your trip, call them when you arrive
If you are stuck, do not go looking for help.
Stay on main roads.
That stuff might save your life.

You really do not need a Google account to use an Android phone or tablet.
I have been doing that as long as I use Android, for about 10 years now.
You can get apps per Browser from fdroid.org, apkmirror.com, apkpure.com, and from Playstore via apkleecher.com.
You can use one or more of these apps to get apps comfortably:
Fdroid app
Aurora Store
You cannot use paid apps from Playstore, but you get quite a few from their publisher, like Threema.


If any of you write Android Apps, there is no diff, or any other app to compare two files. Pretty please somebody write one.

If you want to prepare for a power outage the cheap way, buy the same starter battery as in your car. Then buy two battery clamps and something like this:
Cut of the plug, connect the clamps. Now you can load your phone, plug in a car charger for your laptop, even power a router. And anything else that runs on 12V.
You can use it to start your car if the battery in the car has a problem.
Swap it from timr to time with your cars battery to keep both working.

Researchers drilling 900m deep into the antarctic ice to their surprise found animals down there. Far away from air, food and light.
Huw Griffiths of the British Antarctic Survey said: "There's all sorts of reasons they shouldn't be there."
Well, these these tough animals seem to disagree :)


If I see an introduction here, I say hello. Not only cause I like being polite. Also I remember how it was when I was a newbe, trying to find out how it works.
If someone says hello, and I answer, then (s)he knows the post was succesful, and knows how to read the answer. With an answer to a post, the basics are clear.

I write web search instead of google. I want to state that I do not recommend using google.
So next time you are looking for something, don't google it, web search it.

I asked a doctor if I need help because I am talking to my walls.
"Only if they answer" he said :)

If you think people refusing to wear masks is new, nope. Its a hundred years old:


If you want to write some quick markup text "on the road" with your Android device, this app is cool:

If you want to change markup to html on Android, load the markup with this editor. It has a markup view function which "shares" to your browser for viewing. If you share to the editor instead, you have converted your markup text to html.

Todays date is a palindrome.
12022021. It reads backwards like forwards.
Next one is 22022022, which is even prettier.

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