In quite a few countries, you connot legally test if a child is yours (as a man). Websites that do not care about privacy can "help" you! Ancestry and MyHeritage let you send in your DNA swab, an tell you where you are from. Open a second account, and send a swab from the kid, and they will tell you about your "newly found" relative. No questions asked.

Giving such a site my DNA is the worst thing I could do, BTW. This is an example how much privacy can be broken.

You do not like Amazon Echo and all those other devices eavesdropping on you? Here is your defence :)

I just thought a while about the British West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit making a poster in which they asking parents to report their children to the police if the children use suspicious software. ( @mike reported ).

How ill minded must these police officials be to tell parents to denunciate their own children ???????

I might expect this from north korean police, not from the british.

I wanted a Mastodon client for my old Android 4.1 tablet. The only ones supported that I found were Mouseapp, Twidere and Stegadon.

The Mouseapp did not work, it would not log in.

Twidere is basically twitter and has no local timeline, at least I didn't find one. But I need the local timeline

Stegadon not open source, but at least no ads, no Google Framework, only one tracker (crashalytics), and no rights other than net and memory. So if you want to use an oldtimer, thats all you get.

I wanted to know excactly what boosting a toot does. So I left cozy little fosstodon, dared to go into the Weird Wide Web, and searched "mastodon boost" with DDG. And the winner is, on the first place, before all others, ...

some higher power seems to wish to lead me home :)

If you use Fennec/Firefox on Android, you should consider the First Party Isolation addon. All it does is to eneable or disable the first party isolation. In Android there is no switch, so you else need to fiddle around in about:config.
This protects against cross site tracking, but your logins still work.

If you use Firefox on Android, and want to search for "", you will get server not found. Simply enter "?" and you will find (don't enter the quotes). Put ? in front to force a search.

Is your Windows 10 not exciting enough? Here is 'good' news:

Update KB4532693 is borking user profiles, your programs and files seem to be gone.

Update KB4532695 causes internet and sound issues, and the lucky ones even get a nice blue screen.

Look forward to lots of fun!

People are always talking about the fear that Huawei could have a hidden backdoor.

Nobody is talking about what if they have a hidden kill switch.

Do not use closed source crypto stuff. You will not know who and what you are dealing with.

In their operation "Rubicon" the CIA and their german counterpart BND owned the swiss company Crypto AG. They sold cryptographic equipement to other countries, backdoor included. Then thy spied on their customers.

Cryptsetup 2.3 version introduces support for BitLocker-compatible devices (BITLK format). This format is used in Windows systems, and in combination with a filesystem driver, cryptsetup now provides native read-write access to BitLocker Full Disk Encryption devices.

Personal info of 6million Israelis leaked after Likud uploads voter info. One more reason to oppose computerized elections.

An interesting Dutch bike race had to be cancelled today in Zeeland, Netherlands because the trucks bringing the bikes could not drive due to the Ciara storm. In this race you have to ride a normal bicycle against the wind :)


Did you know Britain has a minister for loneliness?
It is porbably a good idea after Brexit :)

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OK, so I did that. A few annoying things:
1) The annoying boot screen that says I have unlocked device that cannot be trusted
2) Some apps do not work due to security check (untrusted device).
I am guessing this all boils down to being oem unlocked with a custom ROM

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Someone here posted that his Pinephone is at customs in Austria. Could you please tell me:
What it cost incl. shipping.
Which country it came from.
How much tax (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer).
How much customs (Zoll).

I could not find any numbers in the net. But I did find what you need to consider in case you need to send it back, which could be of interest to you.

If you want to calm down the traffic in your street, this might be an idea. A guy walked down a street with a cart full of smartfones, and google circumvented traffic due to this "severe traffic jam" :)

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