Holy sh*t. A school bus driver in Milano Italy set his bus with 51 kids on board on fire to protest against italian immigrant policy. He is an immigrant from Senegal. Luckily, police rescued all kids. I guess italians will now be much more "friendly" to immigrants...


Today morning, I tried calling someone with my smartfone. I couldn't place any calls, but mobile internet was ok. So I tried to figure it out, and remembered the dialer/contacts app I had recently installed, so I removed that app, and calling worked again.

Today noon, I read that my carrier company had technical problems and many couldn't call. And they solved the problem at the same time I had removed my app.

Debugging isn't always what you beleive it is ...

Here in Europe, Mcdonalds has a breakfast time in the morning when you cannot buy hamburgers. Only breakfast stuff. Is that the same in the USA?

When you see Zuckerberg saying he'll respect privacy, look what Dick said:

Are you using a VPN on your Android device? Bestvpn has a review on Android VPN apps and the permissions they want. Quite scary! You might guess the solution, use the Openvpn app from Fdroid. Four permissions, zero trackers.

There is a big in Berlin, Germany lasting 24 hours now. About 35000 households and businesses affected. The big flaws of the "modern" infrastructure us showing, as land line and mobile/cell phones don't work. The news say folks in emergency should wait for a bus (they have radio) or run to the next police/firestation. In 1980, land line phones had their own electricity. Even phone booths still worked.

Just in case you are a bit paranoid about security bugs in your computer, here is something new to look out for:


There must be a lot of crazy stuff one could do with this gadget. Thanks to @GreyLinux for mentioning this site.

For those of you who want to try Matrix, the Riot app from Playstore has two trackers. Riot from Fdroid has one tracker. And Minivector, a simplified Riot has no trackers on Fdroid.

Does anybody have knoledge about the Jami (formerly Ring) Messenger? I'ld especially like to know what information could be fished off by the bootstrap and/or Turn server. Any opinions welcome.

If you use Open Contacts for Android, the newest version (11.0) on Fdroid suddenly has the permission to access the Intetnet.
So better stick to version 9.0!

I want to read older posts from reddit/r/android, but in firefox as well als in RedReader I only get a view where i have to scroll down endlessly. Is there any way to get a view with pages of posts like on XDA? I would prefer to read without logging in.

If you like doing funny things, you can compile and statically link a program on a Raspberry Pi and run it on your Android phone. I copied the busybox from my Pi to my phone and it works (excl. specific Pi stuff). It must be the static one, as the system libs dont match.

"What are some things that you shouldn't say at a funeral?"

It is really not easy to find a new home nowadays.

Isn't it good not to be on twitter...
"Twitter admits bug exposed some Android users' protected tweets for years"


Poland was forcibly occupied by the Germans and the Soviets 1939. France and Britian cowardly watched. There were no Concentration Camps in souverein Poland, the Germans put them there so that the German pupulation would't witness the crimes commited there. Even if some Poles collaborated, that was not Poland. Whoever blames Poland for those German crimes is not only a monster, but also a coward, not even good enough to take responsibility. As a German, i am glad we are now friends.@AndrzejL

Every time I post, it says "What's on your mind?
Well, no matter!
Does this matter?
Never mind!

I was asked about trackers in Firefox by @vancha Firefox from Mozilla has two outside tracker's, so your behaviour could or will be reported to comercial companies in the USA which are subject of many laws you don't even want to understand. Download Fennec from fdroid.org, they simply recompile the public source, but without the trackers. To better understand, read reddit.

Use fennec from fdroid. Thats Firefox, but without the trrackers.

When using the Wireguard App on Android keep in mind that it has two modes. If it finds kernel support it lets the kernel do it all and just sends some contol commands. When the is no kernel support it uses local VPN and uses its own userspace routines. You will the see a lock symbol.
Consider this when troubleshooting or benchmarking. @maigonis

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