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Despite being free software, Mastodon as a project takes a hardline stance against nazis

The covenant has been added approx. one month ago so that for the first time in Mastodon's history, our project could make "no nazis" a part of our branding.

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After 2 years of working on it every so often, I have finished Milestone 7 of Ruben's Virtual World Project. Now I can start working on more fun features, like actual gameplay

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2011: "What if we ported our UI to javascript? Then we get CSS theming for free!"

2019: "Our incredibly fragile tools only work with one micromanaged theme nobody likes. Please take systems integration advice from webshit design nerds because branding"

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I'm making a self-hosted music player website. What do you think of the name "Mews"?

That has to be the most disappointing, terrible game of thrones episode I've ever seen

Are you a *-person:

I've decided to put a last minute spin on my dissertation. My new experiment is to discover how much caffeine it is humanly possible to consume

I'm so looking forward to making Lasagne or Spaghetti Bolognese or anything fresh tbh

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Dissertation-writing food:

☑ Pizza
☑ Jaffa Cakes
☑ Chicken nuggets and chips
☑ Ice cream, to console myself
❌ Anything healthy

Does anyone else occasionally get the urge to want to buy another domain name and set it up, especially a short one, or is it just me?

I'm hoping that the new movie will be good, but it's most likely to just be another grotesque rendition of a childhood favourite book

Not very well known fact: when grading a dissertation, markers don't actually read it. They just sum the number of pages and the number of references

2019, and Windows finally gets a decent terminal emulator

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#Tusky 7 beta 1 (yes, polls) has been released.
Please report us any problems so we can fix them and release Tusky 7 for everyone soon!
Full changelog on GitHub:

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