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I'm very glad that is being release on a week-by-week basis rather than all at once, I'm not sure my dissertation would survive that

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People attempting simple arithmetic on Facebook shows how stupid and uneducated the general public are. Or may those posts just attract those kind of people

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First impressions of Matrix: frequent lag spikes at upwards of 10+ seconds and now the server is just straight up dead

Please just use IRC, people ;_;

Stress is not knowing whether to start an email to a stranger with "Hi, Hello, Dear, or to who it may concern"

Everyone: brace yourself for bad food standards, Scottish independence, the reunification of Ireland, privatisation of the NHS, "religious freedom", removal of anti-discrimination laws, and much more austerity, yay

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Saying "I'm not going to read the code so it's okay if it's not free/open-source" is like saying "I don't vote so it's okay if not everyone is allowed to"

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Had a little free time today so I thought I'd take a look at .

I've looked casually in the past but always found myself stuck in the middle of a dense forest.

I thought I'd guess a seed number and chose "42" with Mapgen v7 and I wasn't disappointed.

You get wide-open plains, hills, gorges and caves, beaches, a river, green areas with flowers and forest areas too.

As complete guess it's quite a good environment to start your Minetest journey in.

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let it be known that blini cat has opinions on other foods as well.

also an opinion on no food

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Oh hurray, ninja has decided to recompile from scratch. Time for fun with OOMs!

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That tweet about the guy who photographs branded rubbish and tags the companies on social media is getting a surprising amount of criticism in my TL.

Apparently the buyers of takeaway coffees are all-powerful and must just be CHOOSING to have a plastic, non-recyclable, non-biodegradable cup for every drink. They're also choosing to have no recycling facilities for their used cups.

And it's also their fault for littering...because if you throw an item in the designated bin it just disappears from the Earth forever, problem solved!

But the huge food outlets who buy the plastic cups in the first place are blameless because they don't make them, they just buy them! So we should go after the manufacturers!

But also we should just do nothing, because "everybody" already knows about plastic waste and the problem hasn't been solved already, therefore any attempt to make anyone take any responsibility is useless.

Wow. Just wow.

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I think the most interesting part in this chat is that "FLOSS proponents ditching the latest and greatest technology" and their comparison with retrocars enthusiasts. It's quite interesting how "using the latest technologies" started meaning "using technologies copyrighted by big corporations which not giving a damn about your privacy".
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