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is now in feature freeze for the 5.4.0 release. This is a period of typically 1 week before the release where only bug fixes and essential maintenance is permitted.

You can help by testing the release candidate or by translating Minetest

@waltercool @skyblond @zleap Minetest is a game engine rather than a single game. The default game is intentionally left simple so it can be used as a base for modding.

You can find games and mods on the official content store

@kev definitely number 2, you should avoid horizontal scrolling. I'd also consider removing the underline for a more modern appearance

@rysiek this, and also coronavirus allows them to reject all responsibility websites that hijack scrolling in an annoying way

@rayroy @fribbledom and they would be wrong. It works because the fibonacci radio (1.618) is close-ish to the ratio between miles and km (1.609). It's not a perfect conversion

@ChrisWere @roland @Linux Voxelands is a dead fork of a very old version of Minetest, before mod support was added. It's also open source

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is 10 years old! It was first released publicly on the 10/October/2010. Here's to 10 years more.

You can download the first version from here, it's a Windows executable but works well in wine:

@Sylphox pirated software tends to be non-FOSS, as otherwise you could obtain it from someone legally. I don't get your point

@milan these look like computer generated images, in a game

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Rewrote the gravity simulator I created 6 years ago to properly support orbits and work on a full solar system scale. It's part of a collection of interactive demonstrations for teaching

Original project:

@friend @zughy yeah, that's certainly already possible - using 9-slices

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