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is 10 years old! It was first released publicly on the 10/October/2010. Here's to 10 years more.

You can download the first version from here, it's a Windows executable but works well in wine:

@Sylphox pirated software tends to be non-FOSS, as otherwise you could obtain it from someone legally. I don't get your point

@milan these look like computer generated images, in a game

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Rewrote the gravity simulator I created 6 years ago to properly support orbits and work on a full solar system scale. It's part of a collection of interactive demonstrations for teaching

Original project:

@friend @zughy yeah, that's certainly already possible - using 9-slices

@zughy @friend it took me a good two days to implement drop shadows in my own game. Not especially hyped to try it in MT

@Sylphox add two goals and paddles, and it would be pong

Boiingg. This is how people move, right? Bugs during game development are the best

The player places some blueprints whilst an NPC builds them.

This marks the end of milestone 8 of RVWP, my shooter/basebuilder hybrid. Now I have the groundworks for NPC AI, I can build on it further (pun intended)

New blog post: Extending 's implicit type conversion to convert directly between Vector3 and Lua tables

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"How could I ever trust my Mastodon admin with my data? A large company like Twitter is more secure because they have proper procedures in place" A large company like Twitter:

@gray perhaps I make it difficult for myself, I don't like running services directly on my server as it's been a pain in the past (in terms of being able to move servers, and not having the service spread everywhere). I instead use docker. I also use nginx and not Apache, which makes running the inevitable PHP CMS more difficult

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