@person @lordrishav chance*

Another alternative to Mobs Redo is Mobkit - it's less mature, but has more interesting animal mods using it such as this dragons mod: content.minetest.net/packages/

@person @lordrishav This shouldn't be the case, which mob mods did you get?

Mobs Redo and Mobs Animals? If so, make sure you explore new areas as they're slow to come into areas that you explored before installing the mod. You can also increase the spawn chance by increasing "Mob change multiplier" in Settings > All Settings

@mdhughes This sounds like a bug that only happens on MacOS due to a build issue - it will be fixed in 5.5.0, coming in a few months. In the meantime, Jordach has some builds with this fixed: forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.p

I've just discovered how to animate in , so my next video is going to have so many animations

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@MirceaKitsune If you're referring to NSFW/furry/queer stuff, I have no problem with that and it would suck if they are removing those. Hardly a woke thing to do

@MirceaKitsune I'm all for banning white supremacists and neonazis, if that's what you mean by woke stuff

@iotshark UX design is important, but this is clearly not good UX design. It's a mallalignment of goals - they've designed for mobile, and neglected desktop

@ghost_letters The old version can be improved, but it's still better than the new version

Responsive design doesn't mean make your desktop look the same as your mobile site. It means using flexible layouts and breakpoints to adapt for different user agents

Just look at this rubbish:

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It annoys me how
's design has gone down hill in the last few years. The information density used to be great, now everything is in a single column like a badly thought out mobile website

@birgitlachner added now - if you click edit, there's a dropdown for different ways to show the date

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My new tab browser extension, Renewed Tab, can now be translated. I've set up weblate to allow users to translate into their languages: weblate.rubenwardy.com/engage/

@zughy no no, I was joking. I like anime, my favourite is Avatar: The Legend of Aang

@zughy I think that would be targeting the clientele I don't want 🙃

@kuacgraxa Have you checked out my modding book? I wrote it to help people learn the API: rubenwardy.com/minetest_moddin

If you're still stuck, you can get help on Matrix/Discord/IRC/forums: minetest.net/get-involved/

Redesigned the website for my browser extension, . It's my first time customising a CSS framework (), was less painful than I thought it would be


@Ertain The default preinstalled game is designed to be modded, and so is intentionally left simple. Minetest is an undefineable blend between a game engine and a modding platform.

I'd definitely recommend trying some other games or mods. You can do this within the in-menu content tab, or on the website: content.minetest.net/

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