@arch_mage sounds like you need to make some new friends! The community is quite friendly, try joining a server. I'd recommend RedCat Creative

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After 2 years of working on it every so often, I have finished Milestone 7 of Ruben's Virtual World Project. Now I can start working on more fun features, like actual gameplay

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2011: "What if we ported our UI to javascript? Then we get CSS theming for free!"

2019: "Our incredibly fragile tools only work with one micromanaged theme nobody likes. Please take systems integration advice from webshit design nerds because branding"


- via @ngate@twitter.com

@Gargron the fab is pretty standard as a mobile feature thing. The positioning is weird though, I suspect you're using Dev tools or something

@Gargron yessssssssss, so hyped. There's also an Artemis Fowl movie coming out soon.

Also, looks like this show is actually by the BBC with HBO doing the international distribution en.wikipedia.org/wiki/His_Dark

@Sylphox no, it's my own project.

I'm focusing on good UIs, not on making a social networking

I'm making a self-hosted music player website. What do you think of the name "Mews"?

That has to be the most disappointing, terrible game of thrones episode I've ever seen

Are you a *-person:

I've decided to put a last minute spin on my dissertation. My new experiment is to discover how much caffeine it is humanly possible to consume

@Sylphox it's exactly the same as hosting on a VPS (Set up nginx, set up a firewall), but with port forwarding.

Things get a bit difficult when you introduce dynamic IPs, though - it can result in users timing out.

Kinda busy right now though, so shouldn't write too much

I'm so looking forward to making Lasagne or Spaghetti Bolognese or anything fresh tbh

Dissertation-writing food:

☑ Pizza
☑ Jaffa Cakes
☑ Chicken nuggets and chips
☑ Ice cream, to console myself
❌ Anything healthy

@Sylphox do you know any HTML/CSS? GitHub pages can be used to host websites for free on a custom domain. It uses a CDN and is very fast. Both my website and minetest's home page use it. However, note that it only supports static websites

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