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@mase I do, thanks for the tip! Fixing it was on my back burner, I suspected that it would be something like this :)

on Linux:
- Wifi being unreliable, not a problem on the new laptop
- The screen sometimes stays blank after unlocking the PC
- Screen tearing: only on Ubuntu, not a problem on Manjaro. Fixed by changing an X,org setting to enable a workaround

- All terminals are unusable: powershell takes ages to open, git's minGW doesn't even
- not a bug, but 6 RESTARTS NEEDED TO INSTALL! Crazy. Every update or program installation also needs a restart, too

- bluetooth speaker stopped working. Nothing in the settings helped, had to unpair then pair
- explorer.exe crashed when unplugging a monitor
- Touchpad drivers in my old laptop used to fail randomly, losing support for multi-touch - which means no right clicking or scrolling

@emsenn wow, that's worse than my experience. I'm also on a clean install

I've been forced to use for the last few days to let Dell debug a hardware issue. It's seriously increasing my stress level. People say that Linux is buggy, but I've had wayyy more bugs in 10 than on

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@dgold I could not get into the books, and the show is one of the best I've ever watched

A TV show made in the UK with British actors and staff - yet it's never been on TV and you can't watch it legally. Absolute pisstake. I am, of course, talking about Game of Thrones

You weren't banned, you were kicked. Big difference - this was after days of trolling, your very first sentence was "okay I'm not a fan of minetest but does it support server-side LLVM yet?" Not saying that I support the kick, however

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Minetest 5.0 release candidate 1 (5.0.0-rc1) is now available!

This is a pre-release version which has some remaining issues. Please help us by trying it out, and reporting any issues.

@bobstechsite @emsenn @alcinnz I suspected this. The game does also include multiplayer, which we thought to not be covered under PEGI, but it's certainly user-generated

Given that the content is user-provided anyway, and isn't PEGI-3 certified

Hi people! I have a mobile app which is rated as PEGI-3. In the app there is a content store which allows you to download mods. By default, "mature" content is filtered out in the app. There is a setting in the advanced settings menu which allows you to show mature content, but isn't directly advertised as such. Does this violate PEGI-3? The content is user-provided but moderated. Mature content includes horror, gore, and drugs

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