Season 6 of was actually really good! This show has had its ups and downs, but the last few seasons have been ups.

I dread to think how much it will cost if it ever becomes available

Private corporations buying general TLDs shouldn't be able to limit the use of it to their own company, and it should be done under use-it-or-lose-it. Amazon bought .book 4 years ago, and it's still not publicly available. Only problem is that I can't find season 1 of the show anyway! It's not on Dave's streaming service, UKTV Play. Anyone know where to find it?

Recently discovered through his show "Modern Life is Goodish", which I highly recommend. He performs random experiments and pranks whilst going on long rants, supported by graphs. I relate, he's my new favourite comedian

@squire there's no one good language, choose the best for the job! And about that - the best way to learn programming is to make something, whether that be a game, a website, an app, or whatever

@fosstodon there's an unclosed parenthesis in the 4th bullet of additional rules on public toots

@nlavielle @Minetest formspec is the obscure format we use to define GUIs. A formspec replacement would be recreating GUIs to use something which is more standard and extendible

Programming on a train is the best kind of programming

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So @mike has just informed me that today is Fosstodon’s 2nd birthday.

Two years, almost 5 thousand accounts, and almost 160 thousand status messages. It's been a wild ride. Here’s to many more!

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We're looking for Minetest-related educational projects and resources to feature on the official website. Please point us to them! They don't have to be in the English language

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There's a Minetest challenge in Google CTF 2019, where you need to solve a gigantic mesecons logic network. Here is an awesome video by @LiveOverflow:

Forum topic:

@squire nevermind, sources on other sites contradict that

@squire Google has a market share of 80%, which is pretty close to being a monopoly

@squire by definition, you can't have more than one company be the monopoly of a single market. The word you're looking for is oligopoly.

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worst thing about books is the missing [ctrl+f]

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