New blog post: Extending 's implicit type conversion to convert directly between Vector3 and Lua tables

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"How could I ever trust my Mastodon admin with my data? A large company like Twitter is more secure because they have proper procedures in place" A large company like Twitter:

@gray perhaps I make it difficult for myself, I don't like running services directly on my server as it's been a pain in the past (in terms of being able to move servers, and not having the service spread everywhere). I instead use docker. I also use nginx and not Apache, which makes running the inevitable PHP CMS more difficult

@gray Well, I already pay for multiple servers. The Git aspect of it - having it version controlled and reproducable - is super nice

@gray I've had the opposite experience, and have found static sites much easier to set up and maintain.

I can create a Git repo and have it update the website on each commit, hosting it for free on GitLab or GitHub pages. I'm a programmer though, I'm fine with Git and writing blogs in plain text.

The alternative is having to set up php/whatever, potentially in docker, and faff around configuring it all. On a server I need to pay for

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Didn't have notifications set up properly so I didn't see my message about (s)

I make content for and have some other random projects.

I've been a steady participant in for the past couple years.

The languages I'm the most familiar with are C, Lua, and Javascript.

I'm also completely new to social media like this. Enjoy

@Niquarl Yeah, it has that reputation. Note that they're not official. I host my own server on a VPS

An alternative is

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ContentDB now supports reviews!

Head to your favourite (or least) content and review it. The better reviews a package receives, the higher it'll appear in the content list.

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@conservancy! A reload allowed me to see the article. Perhaps it's just overloaded currently

@conservancy You could use a better host :)

"This account has reached its limit of concurrent processes."

@cybercow No, there is not. I created ContentDB, the way to install content in the _engine_. It's not really a package manager yet - it supports installation and updating, but no dependencies or version control. I'm looking for viable existing code to use to make my job easier, as I am working on this by myself I would rather not write everything from scratch.

See and

@cybercow this happens when you have a mod installed to multiple locations - for example, in modpacks and as standalone mods

@xinayder have you set the right monitor as the primary? That works for me for a lot of applications, but not all. They tend to follow the mouse more

Turns out the correct key was Esc, believe it or not 🤦‍♂️

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