Responsive design doesn't mean make your desktop look the same as your mobile site. It means using flexible layouts and breakpoints to adapt for different user agents

Just look at this rubbish:

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It annoys me how
's design has gone down hill in the last few years. The information density used to be great, now everything is in a single column like a badly thought out mobile website

Redesigned the website for my browser extension, . It's my first time customising a CSS framework (), was less painful than I thought it would be

My new tab browser extension, Renewed Tab, can now be translated. I've set up weblate to allow users to translate into their languages:

Submitted my game as an unfinished project. It's a Cornish tin mining game, where you command workers to mine, build, and collect resources.

I started a day late, but was so close to finishing it

Rewrote the gravity simulator I created 6 years ago to properly support orbits and work on a full solar system scale. It's part of a collection of interactive demonstrations for teaching

Original project:

Boiingg. This is how people move, right? Bugs during game development are the best

The player places some blueprints whilst an NPC builds them.

This marks the end of milestone 8 of RVWP, my shooter/basebuilder hybrid. Now I have the groundworks for NPC AI, I can build on it further (pun intended)

I've just set up a image containing RVWP's dedicated server, built automatically using , to deploy the game to my server. Why do I always end up doing everything except actual ?

I've just created a help screen for Conquer using 's new hyper text API. Minetest's GUIs are improving, slowly but surely!

Added pathfinding to my game, allowing the dog to follow you around walls. Next I'll be working on more advanced behaviours to allow NPCs to find and perform jobs

"Classroom" is a work-in-progress mod by me that allows teachers to manage students. They can perform bulk actions on online, defined subgroups, or individually selected students. More coming soon!

After 2 years of working on it every so often, I have finished Milestone 7 of Ruben's Virtual World Project. Now I can start working on more fun features, like actual gameplay

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