It almost works, just some small issues with the controls and onscreen keyboard to fix

1.15 is out!

It now has a built-in bookmarks bar for Chrome

There's also an experimental "full page mode", which allows placing widgets anywhere on the screen

Get it now:

When I worked with an iMac 5 years ago, I used a bluetooth trackpad which was quite cool:

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I don't like this, I like it when technology is open and things work well together

Oh, and also, just look at the magic mouse's wonderful design:

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Behind the scenes (sorry for bad soldering, I need a helping hand)

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I've made a plant monitor, to measure soil moisture, temperature, and humidity. I'll adding light intensity soon

This is the first time I've made a 'permanent' circuit, using stripboard. The soldering is a bit dodge but it's functional. The case is 3d printed

I've rewritten the mining game I made for 48. The code I wrote for the jam was with an engine I don't like, this rewrite will make it easier to add new features from now on

1.12 is now available, with multiple sources in the Feed widget, global widget search, icons in Buttons, and more!

This weekend was my second ... I don't think it went as well as the first, but I am learning a new game engine!

In Unstablium, you drive a transport truck full of highly explosive material, defending yourself from raiders

is based around a drag-and-drop widget system, which is simple to use and allows easy customisation

1.11 is out, with a redesigned Weather widget, customisable background update frequency, and RSS/Atom feed backgrounds.

There's also support for two more languages: French and Spanish! Thanks to AirSThib, j45, and Dragonop

's next release will have a Currency widget - showing the exchange rates between currencies and crypto - and improvements to the appearance of modal dialogs and forms

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