It almost works, just some small issues with the controls and onscreen keyboard to fix

It fully works if you use Steam Input and run it inside game mode

@rubenwardy how does the controls are ?

I've tried to play Minetest with a gamepad, but the result was not so good. Still need a keyboard and mouse.

@postroutine Minetest doesn't really support gamepads, it's only partially implemented and doesn't work with all controllers and OSes. If it happens to work with your controller, then you can move around and interact with the world - but can't manipulate GUIs

The Steam Deck comes with its own controller binding system that allows you to set it up to pretend to press keys when using the controller. This works perfectly fine with Minetest. I'm currently working on a video showing it

@mastodonchonk It runs better than my laptop, constant 60FPS at 250 view range. Very high shadows only drop the FPS to 45, which is still very playable

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