It annoys me how
's design has gone down hill in the last few years. The information density used to be great, now everything is in a single column like a badly thought out mobile website

Responsive design doesn't mean make your desktop look the same as your mobile site. It means using flexible layouts and breakpoints to adapt for different user agents

Just look at this rubbish:

@rubenwardy Its design is far from the only thing that went downhill.

@rubenwardy They are taking more and more money from patrons and creators, that's one thing. Also the whole woke stuff, they love banning artists for what they create (including on other platforms sometimes).

@MirceaKitsune I'm all for banning white supremacists and neonazis, if that's what you mean by woke stuff

@rubenwardy Yeah no sympathy for those from me either, though I am concerned about how the way they're being approached is harming freedom of expression too. In their case I primarily hate a platform telling people what they should or shouldn't be allowed draw or animate or create games of.

@MirceaKitsune If you're referring to NSFW/furry/queer stuff, I have no problem with that and it would suck if they are removing those. Hardly a woke thing to do


Okay, I bite. For the sake of the argument let me say: the old page looks like the average organicaly grown site/system where you can only add stuff but never removr anything.

Since some people dream about the web moves back to be more like a collection of documents, I would say the old all over the place stuff, would be very weird in a doc.

Disclaimer I never used the old or new page. Just have some free time at hand to argue. :D

@ghost_letters The old version can be improved, but it's still better than the new version

@rubenwardy Yes, even big companies with a lot of money for quality employees think designers are Gods gift to the world. Letting them be kings on interface/UX. A thing you need people with experience and brain for (=psychologists with a UX university degree?). Could also be they just give a shit about quality and hives in the cheapest "designer"?. Rich "people" like money most. ...Both seems equally reasonable explanations. .. By the way: check out "Peertube" + alternative payment method.

@iotshark UX design is important, but this is clearly not good UX design. It's a mallalignment of goals - they've designed for mobile, and neglected desktop

@rubenwardy Yeah, this is just terrible.

On a side note, are you familiar with @Liberapay?

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