My feed is boring. I'd appreciate your follow recommendations for:

- / indie dev
- electronics / 3d printing / etc
- other tech
- cats and dogs

@mase English, but my love of cats transcends languages :)

@mase So cute! My landlord won't let me have pets :'(

@rubenwardy When German is ok, I recommend these:
These are pretty active accounts with a technical main point.

@mase Well, at my current rate of learning French, I may be able to move onto German in 50 years :D


For things with a Mastodon account:

- Liberapay is an open source donation site
- Leah Rowe makes LibreBoot which is an open source BIOS
- Godot is an open source graphics engine
- Codeberg is an open source repo
- Parabola is a FLOSS distro
- Pine64 makes FOSS friendly devices
- Mobian is an open source mobile distro

@rubenwardy Consider exploring @FediFollows ‘s feed which contains all sorts of suggestions for accounts to follow.

@rubenwardy You might want to subscribe some hashtags as well?

@blub @rubenwardy

I looked and looked ... and then figured out that I have to enable "Advance View" under settings.
Not I can pin the search :)!

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