Submitted my game as an unfinished project. It's a Cornish tin mining game, where you command workers to mine, build, and collect resources.

I started a day late, but was so close to finishing it

@InternetRooky Yeah, it's super popular as well - I believe there have been lots of indie games that started as Ludum Dare entries.

There's two events you can submit games under, they both start at the same time with the same theme, but have different rules. The Compo is the expert event, solo, 48hours, open source, and all original content. The jam is more relaxed - you have 72hours, you can work in teams and reuse art.

My game is entirely original, including the art, but I ran out of time

@rubenwardy Wow this is pretty awesome. I appreciate the detailed answer.
And great work on your game!!

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