Accessing BIOS/GRUB settings has to be the worst UX ever. Is it F1,2,3,7 or 11? Do I tap or hold? Do I start yet? Can I release? Always takes me 20 attempts

Turns out the correct key was Esc, believe it or not 🤦‍♂️

@rubenwardy I've wasted hours of my life missing the bios screen. Even spamming a bunch of keys doesn't catch it.

@rubenwardy *sigh* yes, I always keep these in my mental memory to try:
F2, F8, F10, Del, Esc

@rubenwardy No but I mean, Del is a perfectly reasonable key, right? I mean, we should all use Del and call it day, yeah? Yeah that'd be much better in fact. You can never remember which F* key it is. F* keys are the worst idea. Let's do that. Let's use Del.

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