"Classroom" is a work-in-progress mod by me that allows teachers to manage students. They can perform bulk actions on online, defined subgroups, or individually selected students. More coming soon! Source code for the interested (warning: contains bugs and doesn't contain some features)

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@rubenwardy Sounds like a super useful project! Great way to get schools to use Minetest! :happy:

@rubenwardy @maupao ciao e benvenuto! forse potrebbe interessarti questo "classroom" un mod di minetest per gestire gli studenti.

@filippodb @maupao you may be interested to know that the mod has translation/internationalisation support. There are lots of teachers from European countries using minetest, so I wanted it to be accessible. Just no languages apart from English yet, as the text may still change :)

Ciao, grazie. Non ho capito dove andare a cercare la classroom che mi dici

@maupao @rubenwardy basta vedere il profilo di rubenwardy che era nel toot, comunque il github è qui:

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