@rubenwardy will be interested in what new is coming in minetest, development roadmap if there is any.

@shirishag75 I will be reading the comments and answering any questions/etc during the stream. Otherwise, I can answer questions on Mastodon (but I'm busy until after the stream)

@rubenwardy no issues, take your sweet time. My interest is basically what roadmap is there for minetest but can wait for you to answer after your stream is done.

which #Minetest game and mods will you be running, and which would you recommend for an experience closest to vanilla #Minecraft?

@FiXato I'll be playing Minetest Game with my own mod pack found here: gitlab.com/rubenwardy/dev_play

I've never played Minecraft nor do I care for it - I prefer to curate my own experience, as is the Minetest way :). Mineclone 2 is probably the closest to MC you'll get in Minetest, though

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