Brexit is a non-issue which is wrecking the economy and distracting people from the real issues in our society, like homelessness, the poverty gap, the NHS, and austerity. All because of a split vote which was "advisory" and should have been disregarded

@rubenwardy That's only the case because the politicians charged with implementing it decided they didn't want to.

It's actually exposed a flaw in our Parliamentary system that they think they can choose to do as they wish and ignore the wishes of the people.

As for advisory, the referendum may have been but all parties agreed to implement the result.

The EU has served as a model for this sort of behaviour and decent people with a shred of morals would want no more of this.

@neildarlow Most other countries require a majority of 60%/66% for constitutional style changes. 52% is a split vote and should not have been considered a win for Brexit, especially given the corruption surrounding it

@neildarlow I'm mostly venting really. I voted remain because I didn't see the issues with the EU worth the economic hit, and I (rightly) didn't trust our politicians to be able negotiate well. It's been a massive clusterfuck

@rubenwardy I can't say I agree with that logic when motions in Parliament get carried with a majority as low as one.

It's become more than leaving or remaining in the EU, there's a genuine desire for politics to change and we should get away from the two party and first-past-the-post political system we have.

It's time that politics came into the 21st century and be fit for purpose.

I can vent too. 😉

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