Does anyone else occasionally get the urge to want to buy another domain name and set it up, especially a short one, or is it just me?

@rubenwardy I just wish I knew how to do the whole self-host your website made from scratch!

@Sylphox do you know any HTML/CSS? GitHub pages can be used to host websites for free on a custom domain. It uses a CDN and is very fast. Both my website and minetest's home page use it. However, note that it only supports static websites

@rubenwardy Yep! And that sounds cool but I want to challenge myself and learn how to do it using a home server. For some reason I cannot find a guide/tutorial online.

@Sylphox it's exactly the same as hosting on a VPS (Set up nginx, set up a firewall), but with port forwarding.

Things get a bit difficult when you introduce dynamic IPs, though - it can result in users timing out.

Kinda busy right now though, so shouldn't write too much

@rubenwardy Yeah, I still don't understand that either (the VPS, nginx stuff)... and sorry about distracting you :(

@rubenwardy I used to buy joke domains and point them at whatever post/etc originally suggested it. Complete waste of money. Would do it again.

Literally just did that today. Me:
0) check newest TLDs on ICANN
1) write a script that loops over 1 letter domain, then 2 letter domain... Until 4 letter domain
2) see if for some reason any of them appeals to me (funny, aesthetically pleasing..) and buy a couple
3) repeat next year

Last step: some months pass, regret my purchase and don't renew domain anymore

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