Hey, I'm wondering what the chatroom software of choice is for the people here! I'm looking for something with usability and features rivalling Slack and Discord. Whilst I like IRC, it scares people a little. Any suggestions?

I may just use a Discord server with an IRC bridge, to get the best of both worlds. I'd rather not though!

@rubenwardy Friend of mine who runs a (medium) sized IT company uses Mattermost, and he and his employees/customers are all fine with it.

@rubenwardy has been absolutely amazing for me 😊 It's been a drop-in replacement for Skype and Discord for me 🙂

@MadestMadness @gxtony @RobinSohn @swedneck So, I'm looking into Matrix. I signed up using I can't seem to be able to make groups of rooms, and I can't work out how to bridge my room to IRC. I want to make this as easy as possible, so ideally I'd be able to provide a link which leads to a sign up, and when signed up they immediately join the rooms. also looks pretty terrible

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First off they're working on a new version of riot:

IRC bridges are set up via the integrations menu, which is the button with 9 squares. You can also join for help.

Here's a list of other bridges available:

@rubenwardy @swedneck @RobinSohn @gxtony @MadestMadness

Matrix is terrible. Full stop. Bridging is flaky - if you have a bridge, then expect to see multiple username duplications, and many dropped connections.

It is a noble project, yes, but it is not a viable ecosystem for regular effective communication.

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Bridging works mostly flawlessly for me, not sure how you managed to get that experience. As for dropped connections, i'm not even sure what you mean.

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With a set up like: IRC - Matrix - Discord, it takes a second to go from IRC to Matrix, and then another 5 seconds to go from Matrix to Discord

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I presume you're using the bridge, which is extremely slow. Try instead.

@rubenwardy @MadestMadness @RobinSohn @gxtony @swedneck If you’re bridging IRC and Discord - and have a VPS you can just pop it onto - check out Matterbridge - Utterly simple, utterly effective, written by people with the first clue about networking.

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So how would I use matterbridge? I first need to have one of the servers (matrix, irc, whaterver) already running? or ... ?
I am going over the docs, and it's just not clear to me 🤔

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Personally i think matterbridge kind of sucks, as it just posts everything under the same bot account. (as opposed to matrix appservice bridges that create puppet accounts for bridged users)

But for any kind of bridge you'll need a server running it, but not necessarily an irc/matrix server.



Yes, you have services running, be that IRC or XMPP (say).

You then need an account on services which need it. The details of the accounts and the groupchats are entered into the Matterbridge Config- there's an extended version of the conf file which details all the settings.
@falgn0n you don't need to be _running_ the services yourself - you can just use the bot to bridge _existing_ services.

You would, of course, need the permission of whomever _is_ running the service to have a bot sitting there.

@falgn0n @rubenwardy @dgold @gxtony @MadestMadness

What exactly are you looking to bridge? Check and for public matrix bridges maybe. also hosts a public IRC bridge, which can be accessed via the integrations button (9 squares in a grid)

@swedneck @rubenwardy @dgold @gxtony @MadestMadness

unclear as of right now ... just mentally playing with what possibilities might exist

@swedneck @MadestMadness @rubenwardy @RobinSohn @gxtony Every single bridged irc-matrix chat has this. There are sometimes dozens of (e.g.) dgold[m], dgold[m]1, dgold[m]2, dgold[m]3 usernames in the nicklist.

Because the bridging mechanism is a) shit and b) relies on matrix's implementation of ordered posts, which is also shit.
@dgold @gxtony @RobinSohn @swedneck @rubenwardy @MadestMadness Matrix unbridged is actually a pretty pleasant experience. The biggest issues come from when you're bridged to IRC.

@rubenwardy @MadestMadness @gxtony @RobinSohn @swedneck For grouping your rooms, you can create a community (from the leftmost sidebar) and then add rooms there. You can send them an invite link generated with, like

@rubenwardy Maybe a XMPP MUC? Try Prosody as Server, and Gajim as Client on the Desktop or Conversations on Android.

@rubenwardy As others already suggested, look either into XMPP or Matrix/Riot. While I personally prefer XMPP, Matrix is easier to setup and has lots of bridges, so you would be able to use it via IRC.


Matrix is exactly what you're looking for, and you could even set up bridged between matrix and irc, discord, telegram, and even minetest!

@rubenwardy I run a zulip insance for my company. We like it and the team behind it is excellent.

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