Hey, I'm wondering what the chatroom software of choice is for the people here! I'm looking for something with usability and features rivalling Slack and Discord. Whilst I like IRC, it scares people a little. Any suggestions?

I may just use a Discord server with an IRC bridge, to get the best of both worlds. I'd rather not though!

@rubenwardy has been absolutely amazing for me 😊 It's been a drop-in replacement for Skype and Discord for me 🙂

@MadestMadness @gxtony @RobinSohn @swedneck So, I'm looking into Matrix. I signed up using I can't seem to be able to make groups of rooms, and I can't work out how to bridge my room to IRC. I want to make this as easy as possible, so ideally I'd be able to provide a link which leads to a sign up, and when signed up they immediately join the rooms. also looks pretty terrible

@rubenwardy @MadestMadness @gxtony @RobinSohn

First off they're working on a new version of riot:

IRC bridges are set up via the integrations menu, which is the button with 9 squares. You can also join for help.

Here's a list of other bridges available:

@rubenwardy @MadestMadness @gxtony @RobinSohn @swedneck For grouping your rooms, you can create a community (from the leftmost sidebar) and then add rooms there. You can send them an invite link generated with, like

@rubenwardy Maybe a XMPP MUC? Try Prosody as Server, and Gajim as Client on the Desktop or Conversations on Android.

@rubenwardy As others already suggested, look either into XMPP or Matrix/Riot. While I personally prefer XMPP, Matrix is easier to setup and has lots of bridges, so you would be able to use it via IRC.


Matrix is exactly what you're looking for, and you could even set up bridged between matrix and irc, discord, telegram, and even minetest!

@rubenwardy I run a zulip insance for my company. We like it and the team behind it is excellent.

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