Hey people! Does anyone know the legality of having some form of content rating on a mod store? I run a mod store where people are starting to add mods which contain things like drugs and excessive violence. What's the best way to allow inappropriate content to be hidden and not fall foul of the the law?

@rubenwardy are you talking about putting "PG13" labels or something? You can't use the labeling system of an existing certification provider like the MPAA's, but you could invent your own along their rules, and have people select some objective criteria when they upload a mod that then defines what category it gets put into... just make sure not to be overly similar in logos etc

@Matter This is the sort of thing I'm wondering. Like, is it OK to make my own certification tags like that

@rubenwardy if you define them, and make sure they don't get confused for other tags, why not. I wouldn't put any ages on there though, or maybe only the distinction between adult and non-adult, since it's hard to be more precise I guess.

Obviously I am not an attorney but I don't think you'd get into trouble by making your own tags in that way

@rubenwardy It's your store, you can invent whatever rating system or rules you like.
As @Matter said: Just don't use anything that already exists, unless you want to submit all your content to the organization behind it for review.

@rubenwardy you might try looking at foss and non-foss implementations? There's usually language in the TOS that everything hosted is 'as-is' and not a reflection of the store as well as appropriate labelling ("store may contain 18+"). I am not a lawyer.

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