Hi, I'm rubenwardy! I'm a final year Computer Science masters student and a core developer of @Minetest, an open source voxel game engine and game.

I'm interested in a wide range of areas, including kernels and system programming, architecture, language engineering, game design Android app development, and free software alternatives.

More info here, including my portfollio and resume:

@rubenwardy Most welcome! I'm also a final year masters student, and would like to become a game dev. I wish I had half of your portfolio !

@rubenwardy just FYI most people here don't appreciate content that just gets reposted from twitter because it makes their feed when they follow you into a non-interactive dumping ground.

@lunaterra @rubenwardy
Oh, is this account just posting from their Twitter?

@_ @rubenwardy no, there is a mix, but they are new and I just wanted to let them know since its definitely something which made me hesitate.

@rubenwardy @Minetest I love minetest!!!

I dream of a day when my favorite peertube channels are tooting out their new minetest letsplays

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