Submitted my game as an unfinished project. It's a Cornish tin mining game, where you command workers to mine, build, and collect resources.

I started a day late, but was so close to finishing it

None of the existing new tab extensions did what I wanted, so I made one that did. It has an intuitive user interface to create, move, and resize widgets on a grid.

There are already quite a few types of widgets, including: RSS and Atom feeds, the Weather, Quick Links, Top Sites, Daily Goals, Greetings, Notes, your current Age, Search, Web Comics, and upcoming Space Flights.

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I made a Firefox and Chrome add-on: Renewed Tab – A customisable New Tab page, with widgets and beautiful backgrounds.

It's open source

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is now in feature freeze for the 5.4.0 release. This is a period of typically 1 week before the release where only bug fixes and essential maintenance is permitted.

You can help by testing the release candidate or by translating Minetest

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is 10 years old! It was first released publicly on the 10/October/2010. Here's to 10 years more.

You can download the first version from here, it's a Windows executable but works well in wine:

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Rewrote the gravity simulator I created 6 years ago to properly support orbits and work on a full solar system scale. It's part of a collection of interactive demonstrations for teaching

Original project:

Boiingg. This is how people move, right? Bugs during game development are the best

The player places some blueprints whilst an NPC builds them.

This marks the end of milestone 8 of RVWP, my shooter/basebuilder hybrid. Now I have the groundworks for NPC AI, I can build on it further (pun intended)

New blog post: Extending 's implicit type conversion to convert directly between Vector3 and Lua tables

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"How could I ever trust my Mastodon admin with my data? A large company like Twitter is more secure because they have proper procedures in place" A large company like Twitter:

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