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I think the most interesting part in this chat is that "FLOSS proponents ditching the latest and greatest technology" and their comparison with retrocars enthusiasts. It's quite interesting how "using the latest technologies" started meaning "using technologies copyrighted by big corporations which not giving a damn about your privacy".
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Three months ago I joined this instance but forgot a proper #introduction with hashtags and all that fancy stuff, so here it goes:
I am a computational linguist passionate about #linux and #emacs. I like #foss in research and often talk too much about the importance of os and #openData in academia and education.
I like #minetest l4d2, terraria and honestly too many games.
I study #AI and like to talk about sensible implementations of it and its future, also very into #linguistics

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on Linux:
- Wifi being unreliable, not a problem on the new laptop
- The screen sometimes stays blank after unlocking the PC
- Screen tearing: only on Ubuntu, not a problem on Manjaro. Fixed by changing an X,org setting to enable a workaround

- All terminals are unusable: powershell takes ages to open, git's minGW doesn't even
- not a bug, but 6 RESTARTS NEEDED TO INSTALL! Crazy. Every update or program installation also needs a restart, too

- bluetooth speaker stopped working. Nothing in the settings helped, had to unpair then pair
- explorer.exe crashed when unplugging a monitor
- Touchpad drivers in my old laptop used to fail randomly, losing support for multi-touch - which means no right clicking or scrolling

I've been forced to use for the last few days to let Dell debug a hardware issue. It's seriously increasing my stress level. People say that Linux is buggy, but I've had wayyy more bugs in 10 than on

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A TV show made in the UK with British actors and staff - yet it's never been on TV and you can't watch it legally. Absolute pisstake. I am, of course, talking about Game of Thrones

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Minetest 5.0 release candidate 1 (5.0.0-rc1) is now available!

This is a pre-release version which has some remaining issues. Please help us by trying it out, and reporting any issues.

Given that the content is user-provided anyway, and isn't PEGI-3 certified

Hi people! I have a mobile app which is rated as PEGI-3. In the app there is a content store which allows you to download mods. By default, "mature" content is filtered out in the app. There is a setting in the advanced settings menu which allows you to show mature content, but isn't directly advertised as such. Does this violate PEGI-3? The content is user-provided but moderated. Mature content includes horror, gore, and drugs

I may just use a Discord server with an IRC bridge, to get the best of both worlds. I'd rather not though!

Hey, I'm wondering what the chatroom software of choice is for the people here! I'm looking for something with usability and features rivalling Slack and Discord. Whilst I like IRC, it scares people a little. Any suggestions?

Hey people! Does anyone know the legality of having some form of content rating on a mod store? I run a mod store where people are starting to add mods which contain things like drugs and excessive violence. What's the best way to allow inappropriate content to be hidden and not fall foul of the the law?

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Found a tiny spider in the bathroom.

Normally i'd just put him outside, but it's -20 so i put him in the kitchen plants instead.

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Cat: Bug #34638 filed: food bowl keeps emptying

Me: closed as duplicate, this is by design, WONTFIX

Cat: Opening bug #34639. It is 11am. Food bowl still empty.

Me: You were fed at 8am. WONTFIX.

Cat: Fundamental disagreement with moderator. Opening dispute resolution process.

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