Looking for a partner on a frontend built with . Has to be a eventually.

Fair disclosure: I haven't done React in years, and have never made a PWA. You might be answering a lot of questions... but I'm a quick learner and very mobile with things. You can also _just_ point me to definitive and succinct resources.

More fair disclosure: I'm extremely picky about UI/UX.

@ me if interested.

This is a side project and well, expect the things that come with that territory.

> This is a side project and well, expect the things that come with that territory.

expanding on this...

- slow as heck progress
- possibly messy code
- always a real chance of abandon

@ru If you have any question about PWA, feel free to shoot. 🤙

@ru not sure if you use Matrix, but if you do you might wanna ask this question in one of the GoToSocial matrix channels as well :)

@dumpsterqueer I don't but you have my approval in case you want to drop a link to the toot there :)

@ru can’t help with any significant coding, but I wanted to make sure that you have accessibility in mind when actively building. Count me in for testing alpha accessibility though, or things like that.

@ru hey 👋 I'm working on a react native client at the moment, would be cool to collab!

@wes wait are you asking if I'm interested in the react native thing? 😅

@ru not necessarily - there's probably a lot of plain JS / react code we can share for your web app idea. Would be great to get your insights on UX too!

@ru I day to day in Vue, but have been recently tinkering with React. I could always lend a hand when I have a free evening.

@ru I'm unfortunately not skilled enough and lack spare time to offer partnership. But I would _love_ to follow your project, learn from it and contribute with feedback.

So I would be very interested in a link to the repo when you go public with it ...

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