It's wild to see companies like @bitwarden and @system76 be here on Mastodon.

Doubly wild they're on Fosstodon.

@ru @bitwarden @system76 I agree. I’m kind of surprised that companies don’t setup their own instances so they have a bit more control over branding, federation, and whatnot.

@mike @ru @bitwarden @system76 We do ;) And it's open to our 10.000+ employees to create an account on it and connect with the rest of the Fediverse.

@mike @ru @bitwarden @system76 Me too! But then I think about email. I wonder how SaaS AP servers will be received by federation peers.

@ru @bitwarden @system76 in germany and in some other parts of europe there are even government entities that have instances and accounts dedicated to them

@sotolf @ru @bitwarden @system76 I'm actually talking about official accounts, it's kinda sad that I can't find them anymore I stumbled over some of them a while ago

@metalune @ru @bitwarden @system76 I'd like to see any that are actually interacting and are not just reposting twitter stuff, it's sad when they went through the effort of making their own instance and everything, and all that is there are reposts.

@sotolf @ru @bitwarden @system76 although I must say, at least there is *some* effort acknowledging that this platform exists

@Suoko @metalune @ru @bitwarden @system76 do they interact at all. Or are they just twitter mirrors?

Tun Sie überhaupt mit Ihren Konten interagieren oder sind es nur spiegelkonten für twitterkonten?

@sotolf @metalune @ru @bitwarden @system76 the first one is true while the second one is read only but it's not a Twitter mirror

@ru @system76 @bitwarden They've contributed to Debian too, according to the bookworm update...

@ru is there a list anywhere you know of if companies / organizations that have Mastodon accounts? I see a lot of accounts that appear to be bots or enterprising fans and have a hard time deciphering which ones are really the company/organization and which aren’t.

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