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If you're new here, before following, please add a bio, have an post, and a profile picture. It makes me (and others here) way more comfortable since we know you're legit here for wholesome conversations. ✨

If you're not new: please DM on why you want to follow. Unfortunately some strange profiles on fedi and it's hard to make sense of it no offense. 🙃

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Unsolicited advice behind CW only please.

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I am new to Mastodon, in search of some sanity and an escape from the craziness of the other social media platforms. My friend Simone Silvestroni convinced me this is an oasis of tranquility. #introductions

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Howdy fediverse,

I'm Kenneth, a nerd with too short of an attention span to limit myself to one engineering field, so I keep myself entertained with #electronics #hamradio #Ethernet #embedded #devops #linux and the #maker scene.

Let's make this thing awesome.

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I’m now officially looking for a new job! So if anyone is looking for a Software Engineer, hit me up!

I can do iOS apps, but also have been working on SpringBoot APIs, micro services, and other cool things.

Remote work ideally, otherwise in London!

Added caching to our Django website today. One more tool.

This thing is getting big and serious. 😳

Only if I had a partner dev to help me finish the darn thing.

FYI those on local/federated: all my toots will be unlisted moving forward.

(and of course I see a grammatical error _now_ 🙃)

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Daily reminder you need to shut up the perfectionist voice inside of you in most situations.

Make good enough first.

Then let that voice lose.

hardware, wifi 

This Intel WiFi chip I installed on my old XPS is stellar. My MacBook Air gets 1-2 bars (of 3) of signal here, but the XPS gets a full signal. MBA also struggles to hit a full speed of 50Mbps (which isn't even that fast).

They're both connected to the 5Ghz spectrum.


> [+] Building 438.5s (9/14)

Cmon. Be done already!

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Glad to have @lramalho back and posting on #Mastodon.

If you don’t know Luciano, he is the author of O’Reilly bestseller "Fluent Python".

#python #FluentPython

It uses ~60 MB on a fresh boot once unlocked. Definitely a memory leak.

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Tell me this is not real. Why does need 1 GB of memory? :(

There has to be a leak somewhere. Anyone else on with a similar experience?

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hey, CW your shit

yes, this means you, and this means even if it's REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS FROM THE USA that WE ALL NEED TO KNOW

i've woken up this morning to graphic descriptions of violence, which has ruined my mental health for the day and is pretty much the definition of "thing you should CW"

i've blocked the fuckwit who posted it and the fuckwit who boosted it, but if you can't deal with clicking the little CW button, try this site instead:

> This is a side project and well, expect the things that come with that territory.

expanding on this...

- slow as heck progress
- possibly messy code
- always a real chance of abandon

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Looking for a partner on a frontend built with . Has to be a eventually.

Fair disclosure: I haven't done React in years, and have never made a PWA. You might be answering a lot of questions... but I'm a quick learner and very mobile with things. You can also _just_ point me to definitive and succinct resources.

More fair disclosure: I'm extremely picky about UI/UX.

@ me if interested.

This is a side project and well, expect the things that come with that territory.

You become a senior dev when you realize anyone saying 3 to 6 months (even if it's you) for a huge project while working solo is just stupid.


re: recent DDG drama, conspiracy theory 

hear me out.

M$ did that on purpose.

they knew it'll come out one day.

and a privacy focused alternative will sink before it ever becomes a threat.

deliberate sabotage with no way to prove it.

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