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@ivan Because the tech community by and large bought into the cloud hype, "trusted Google" and didn't build them.

I'm in part glad to see Google+ shutting down exactly for this reason: if the geeks who put their important conversations there learn a lesson about independence and get motivated to help build alternatives, that's huge.

The Fediverse is now making a lot of progress in this direction, for some of those use-cases, finally.

Hooray Google+ is shutting down!

That's one less centralized surveillance capitalism "social network" siphoning up people's data. 🎉

Since a big chunk of the traffic there was geeks who could totally have self-hosted a proper blog and should have known better, I'm not shedding any tears for the inconvenience caused.

I do wonder if they'll keep the public content online though? Probably not?

the internet started out with federated everything, all we're doing is just bringing it back because that centralized shit worked out really bad


Found an extension to clean out my fb activity, running it now... then I'll think about deleting my account.

Are your employees using #GoogleDrive? You just lost complete control over that data: Google reserves the right to publish & make derivative works of anything uploaded.

We suggest #selfhosting! #Privacy #DeleteGoogle

For me, Google Home is the strongest example of how #technology is generational.

For people significantly older than me (like my partner's parents), it's useful because it's like asking a human to check the weather, make a grocery list, etc.

For people significantly younger than me, computers have always been able to talk.

But if you're about my age, the only ways to talk to a computer are by typing, clicking, & occasionally poking, & conversational agents are slow, inaccurate, & annoying.

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Just discovered s-tui, a great terminal app for measuring CPU performance/temperature/throttling.

It's really cool and full of useful insights! For example, I discovered that my laptop isn't hitting any more than 3.0 GHz, even though it's rated for 4.0.

Related: any tips on fixing that?

So uh, Mastodon has been around for 2 years now. Wow

Assembling kit furniture using a hex head attachment for a power drill feels like using a cheat code to rampage through a video game tutorial level with a weapon you're not supposed to have until the end.

Making someone who has #nobot in their profile send you an ‘unfollow’ via DM in order to not be followed by your dumb drunk robot bot is doing it wrong.

/* blocks their entire instance */

I swear this is some of the most stress a parent can deal with: toothfairying for a child who you’re not sure still actually believes, has a noisy door to her room, and had buried the tooth so far under her pillow I feared losing my arm.

At least it’s done 😅


I know the feeling... sometimes I feel like a wild animal woke up inside me...

Unfortunately its a sloth.

They're going to have to get buy-in from a lot of the smaller services around the Internet, because the bigger players aren't going to relinquish the control they've gotten without a fight.

"How solid is Tim’s plan to redecentralize the web? – Irina Bolychevsky – Medium"

Local second hand shop had a surprising number (as in more than one) of games for a couple of 8-bit computers, including these Texas Instruments branded carts.

When buying second hand gear I always run into a risk of buying a faulty equipment so when I purchased my Dell Optiplex 790 machines I was kinda anxious to test them properly. I have cleaned them inside, re-greased using Noctua cooling paste and sprayed WD40 into the fans to keep them quiet.

I was quite happy with the results...

AIDA64 stability test - over 1.5 hours - 0 thermal throttling / full turbo at 3.4 Ghz. Cinebench results were good too. My games were optimized and running smooth too.

My wife wants to know if there is a Mastodon instance for dog lovers. So Fediverse, work your magic and let me know.

Also, if there isn't one, would anyone because interested in joining one?

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