@cassidyjames yeah I guess I should have added to that; I wouldn't want it as the only fix, but as part of a solution to ease the stress while it's sorted out via HR or whatever. Yeah maybe "report" is better.

@cassidyjames I'm a wee bit dumbfounded this isn't built in already. The ability to block someone you don't want to see should be part of core functionality for all communication platforms I would have thought.

@ndegruchy mmmh I kinda expected 1 to still go to the first column heh. I have noticed when screen reduced and ti automatically went to mobile mode previously it stopped working. I guess this is just a variation on that.

@Gargron is it likely keyboard shortcuts will work on single column at some point?
Love the addition FYI, options are good ☺️

@aadil it so never occurred to me to do that! Doing the same right now 😁 :void:

Tweet from @susanthesquark


@susanthesquark: Did you know that companies use the Bluetooth capabilities on your phone to track your movements in retail stores, gyms, airports, and more? I didn't.

Turning Bluetooth off doesn't stop them.

(Re-tweeting because my last tweet contained an error.)


@amolith can second this, but it annoyed me; great insight but it's scary how much of the net runs on google @kev

So my favorite band, got hacked. Instead of giving into the hacker they are selling the stolen songs from the MiniDisc archives. All proceeds go to the Extinction Rebellion.

MiniDisc Download:


Extinction Rebellion:


different languages are good for different purposes. for instance, Haskell is great if you like to suffer,

@Matter @rtwx
``ip -4 addr show`` filters some of that out. If you provide the name of the interface, you get onlly the results for that interface.

``ip -4 addr show wl0`` for example.

@edwinb @grainloom that is freaking epic! I like to say he had an understanding wife, but perhaps the reality was β€œyou’re not filling up our house with that!” so he took it underground... πŸ˜†

For a few weeks now, the #cryptpad account on mastodon has more followers than on Twitter. It's great to see the fediverse growing #gomastodon

@neildarlow well yes but it’s been a while since I’ve used it so I forgot πŸ˜†

When you have a WTF moment when "ifconfig" doesn't work because it's not installed.

A wee search later and you're reminded to use "ip addr" instead. Doh.

#CrazyIdea: An app for phones that is designed to be a reader for blogs, RSS feeds, and fediverse articles.

You could either log in with a fediverse account (that supports articles - that is, long form content) or you could just add RSS feeds to track and read.

Bonus points: A dedicated service you could opt-in to, that lets you synchronize RSS state, with a public protocol, so you're not locked in.

Mega bonus points: Micro-transaction infrastructure to pay for blog posts / short fiction.

Is "blog-reading / RSS-feed-tracking / Fediverse-article-reading" on mobile devices a niche with a gap that's worth it to dive in to?

Just looking over the code for a payment gateway and noticed that the IPN verification function just checks that the word "success" is in the URL.

oh boy.

@mooshoe arrogant arse. How can you expect to dictate how others should use their machine when you don’t keep up with the times.

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