Building a physical computer for the first time in ages. Makes me realize just how much the has taken over my whole concept of a server. Wait, you mean I have to order another SATA card and _wait_ for it to arrive? Like, in 24 hours? Wtf, man...

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Wish George Carlin was still alive. I could really use his reality-check style of humor to cope with the current state of affairs in America.

@kungtotte ummm there is no other terminal haha. I’ll edit it before firing up x... 😁

@measlytwerp this is true, but I get severely peeved when someone has a cry that I commented on their public post, as if it was private and the whole world shouldn’t be looking....

Oops broke .Xresources and now urxvt won’t load.

Meh, tomorrow’s job now. 💤

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@gentoorebel I’d be ok with that anyway honestly. I really need to set something up that does something similar at maybe 30 days

Today, on the NYTimes released multiple articles on the practices of location tracking companies. Here is their 23 min Podcast: to get you started, the corresponding article: and more detail about the technical analysis of the location tracking companies:

And most important, how to stop your apps from tracking your location:

would it be a bad idea to get a pre-librebooted thinkpad x200

Wrote a blog post about current choice, problems, and the future of mobile devices. Kept me busy for about 2 hours. Hope it is informative for some people.📲 🙂

Interesting! I'll have to give it a look!

@Naughtylus I’m sure if we boost it enough @mike’s message will get out 😁

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