Here's my dotfiles @gaurdianaq

I moved ~/.i3status to ~/.config/i3/i3status.conf because it annoyed me, the i3 config is set to read it from there.

- Clean is my current setup, needs xbacklight and alsa-utils for media buttons to work (if you have them), I only use brightness and volume/mute.

I think there's still some redundant stuff in there commented out, but it's pretty tidy. I also use the same on kids netbook.

~/.Xresources Xft.dpi adjust to suit res.

I finally have my Toshiba NB300 set up the same as my newer laptop. When the kids get home this weekend I'll set them up users and they can learn how to navigate .
I have already showed them on mine and they seemed ok with it. Their main question was "will we have to wait as much?" 😁
It's now much snappier and boots way faster than with Xubuntu.

Oh, and don't worry; the urxvt only gets used for updating at that transparency, it's not very usable πŸ˜†

All done now! Moved the wife’s office from the portable unit we were renting to a larger one we’ve bought, sitting on our front lawn.

Much info. So verbose.

I had to boot into windows to use a piece of software to scan my wife’s car for fault codes, and thought I should let it update. So annoying.

here already πŸ˜‰

, ssh'd into my also.

Oh attached also, kindly made by Mantissa in the Void Discord, said feel free to post here as it's CC0. If it doesn't post at full size I'll host elsewhere and link below.

At Christmas at the Bowl, and there’s some exercise group doing a performance. The song kept saying β€œlevel up, level up” but I couldn’t help but think exercising feels like grinding in a Korean mmo.... I want pay-to-win dammit!

Gyms are all pay-to-grind though...


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