so ifconfig [interface] down needed before netctl start {profile} or it fails as interface up.
Even if I don’t finish this tonight I learnt some basics I guess.

Hmm. This went to my gmail, which has 2factor, so no one else signed up with it.

Phishing I guess.

Turns out Hawaii has stairs.

So I took a photo.

Looks like I made it angry though, that's pretty often. Hmm.

Might be time to turn it off and on again.

That's my Pioneer stereo (made by Onkyo) phoning home. It's not even switched on.

About to see what I break by blacklisting it, I'm hoping it's just for updating...

I love this so much 🤣
How does this happen? Old people aren’t afraid to click stuff I guess?

I followed what they said they had done and I couldn’t get it back, so I have no idea....

And now we have tickets... in 3 weeks and 1 day I’ll be in the air to holiday!

How long has ssh been available by default in cmd.exe ...I'm sure it wasn't last time I tried 😮

Well that was a short-lived experiment. No thanks.

G+ users going there are welcome to it.

Ok so I saw "decentralized version of identity verification" mentione here:

And was wondering if that means a "Communities" type thing could work, like Google+ has (had...?🙄).

Maybe as separate instances, where the only account is the owner/admin, and other accounts can join and post to the timeline, witht he Mastodon UI allowing you to slect that timeline like you can choose Local/Federated, and pin the same way.


Trying 18.10 Beta. Can’t find a bunch of useful HiDPI info hmmmm


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