Sigh. 😔

As much as I love :void: I’m nuking and paving.

I have learned a ton, I’d recommend it over :arch: for learning workings, or perhaps I was at a better stage of my learning when I started on it. 🤔

I want something more polished with less effort now. Building from source, while super easy for a noob like me even on Void, wasn’t something I had time for and it’s became frustrating.

I love my i3 setup, I am going to try and integrate i3 with Manjaro KDE to get tiling back.

@parasurv I want a more integrated desktop than just i3. Admittedly I haven’t looked to see what Manjaro did with i3, so maybe that was the better choice perhaps.

Things like flatpaks integrating with launcher if you use gnome or kde appeal to me.

But yeah, wow window management is pretty crap in kde. Even Win10 is better for positioning and resizing. Maybe i3 spoilt me.

@rtwx Good call. If you learned from :void: then it was time well spent.

I am using this addon for KDE:

I find it good, it has some bugs, but if you are used to tiling wm, I find this solution good: mixing KDE and i3 it's not easy.

@duckmysick12 @rtwx I tried mixing KDE and awesomeWM, it's not a great experience. XFCE lends itself much better to replacing the WM with your own, haven't tried Gnome yet.

And :manjaro: is a great choice IMHO. All the benefits of Arch with none of the community :P Using the network architect ISO you can customise your install and slim it down to get some of that :void: slimness going on.

It's been a while since I booted into :void: as well...

@kungtotte @duckmysick12 I found someone who’s linked their dotfiles that did it on reddit. Worth trying I reckon.

@rtwx interested in your i3 setup. Its quickly become my only "desktop manager"

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