I finally have my Toshiba NB300 set up the same as my newer laptop. When the kids get home this weekend I'll set them up users and they can learn how to navigate .
I have already showed them on mine and they seemed ok with it. Their main question was "will we have to wait as much?" 😁
It's now much snappier and boots way faster than with Xubuntu.

Oh, and don't worry; the urxvt only gets used for updating at that transparency, it's not very usable πŸ˜†

@rtwx Oh man, the memories. I had a NB300 back in the day. This thing was great. I ended up using it as a home built DVR for a while.

@mookie yeah it’s seriously a great little machine. Really tempted to get an ssd for it but am assuming it’s not worth it.

@mookie yah. I say I’m tempted, but budget-wise it’s not on the radar πŸ˜†

@rtwx I learned a long time back not to push my technology choice at my son.

It's so much better to let them choose what suits them (we do it after all). It may result in the odd mistake on their part but you might be surprised how practical their choices are (like the speed thing you mentioned).

I find it fun to ask mine why he made a particular choice (after giving him the facts to make good choices) and see what he comes up with.

Just be prepared for *if* your kids don't really like i3. πŸ™‚

@neildarlow oh yeah totally agree, I'm only doing it because they showed interest when I showed them my setup.
I've set it to load firefox on the first workspace, that's generally all they'll need it for at this stage.
I kept their home folders and chowned them to the new install, they have some cute wallpapers saved lol.

Even if they don't keep using it, I like for them to be exposed to things outside of what their teachers at school show them.

@rtwx I know that feeling. Our schools are so invested in Microsoft products although I did manage to migrate my wife and son to LibreOffice many years ago.

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