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A somewhat older (2016) but still interesting article about the history of . Also contains a biography of Mike Macgirvin the developer that started , Hubzilla and . It's interesting to learn that Mike launched Mistpark, the predecessor of Friendica, before *.

Android question. Say if I were to use a firewall application like NetGuard that uses a "local vpn" would I be able to use it in conjunction with my VPN service, in this case Private Internet Access that is managed using the OpenVPN app. The other alternative is to root my device and install AFWall+.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, lovely community!

Good news, everyone!

Taking my first steps in the Fediverse, and you are all invited to the party!

I've been using Linux (Debian and Arch) for 15+ years now, and am admin for a small corporate setup, based on , , , , . I also wrote my own matter management application for lawyers in , and .

I'm Interested in server admin, networking, security and programming. By day I am a lawyer in a Belgian FMCG company.

Looks like the new update brings a profile directory to make it easier to find people in topics you're interested in on your own instance. Simply add some to your bio, check the option in profile settings, and you'll be included! 😁

The end of is coming!
I would rather chew broken glass! then use
So I will be leaving Windows for good & finding myself a good distro to replace
(I like KDE) I did try @gentoo but I like more as a server.

@rtwx @rtwx @stjohn @haptap @Miredly Nice. I definitely love that lightweight Pleroma's out there, with segmented components, especially as Mastodon gets more complex. I can see how it's attractive from a FOSS/standards standpoint. Thanks for the reply!

Mastodon is multiplayer notepad. Just like IRC.

anyone ever told you "premature optimization is the root of all evil"?

let me tell you a story. about computers and javascript and hitler and the soviet union.

a friend of mine just dug up some numbers and did some math for my dyscalculic ass and came up with the conclusion that just by transmitting the minified version of jquery around (not even executing it!), Planet Earth is likely using up somewhere between 7-14 billion kWh of power every year.

let's put that into some perspective.

world war two was the single deadliest conflict in human history. it killed somewhere around 80 million people, which at the time was three percent of *all humans, everywhere.* it left europe in ruins, and nowhere was the damage so intense and horrific as the Soviet Union.

the Battle of Stalingrad is one of the most famous battles of the war. two million people died there alone. in the opening salvos the entire city was flattened by nazi and soviet bombs alike. eventually the Union prevailed, at a tremendous cost.

but Stalingrad was only one of the cities flattened, only one of the battles fought as Europe burned. the devastation was so comprehensive that nearly every western nation had to rely on aid from the US, one of the only powers on either side whose economy was intact, to rebuild. (it didn't help that American wartime policy was designed more to inflict as much Nazi death and destruction as possible on the Soviets, of course).

if we add up the energy of every single explosive device detonated over the course of that terrible war, from hand grenades all the way up to the two atom bombs the US detonated over japan, slaughtering civilians en masse and turning two cities to rubble in the space of a moment, we get the figure of about 3 megatons. or in kilowatt hours, 3.4 billion, spread out across all those years of war.

compared to 7-14 billion kWh just to transmitting the same tangle of bytes around again and again. every single year.

and that's just jquery. not the cost of executing it. not the mass of other garbage javascript and analytics and social media spyware, which now often adds up to megabytes per page. not the cost of rendering or running any of that.

just to zap jquery back and forth across the internet to every computer accessing a website that uses it.

a final point of comparison, now that i have your attention: bitcoin uses up 46,000 billion kilowatt hours per year. a number which is likely to keep on growing.

draw your own conclusions about web design & software optimization.

For the next week I’m in New Zealand attending If you’re there too free to say hi. I’ll be the dork with a Rust powered digital conference badge attached to his bag. #lca2019 #Rust

Damn, now I wish I’d actually brought PJs :( #lca2019
Who's up for pj day #lca2019 ?

#mastoadmins #Mastoadmin

Is there a federation lag meter/monitor/measurement script/plugin?

I remember checking the lag manually via the database by comparing remote/local timestamps before, but has anyone written anything that does this automatically as a sort of health-check or metric?

@MatejLach @xj9 The predictable outcome was that the open source tactic would utterly fail, nobody would care, and we would all be running Microsoft Windows in 2018.

The unpredictable outcome was you and me sitting here and discussing what it means for a project to be free software, and for others to be doing it all over the globe, and on a free software decentralized discussion network to boot. In 2015 I didn't even believe that last part would happen, even though I had believed it in 2010.

So there was apparently a fork of that was active as late as 2017 (!!!) but the creator disappeared and deleted all their accounts from everything.

Anyone happen to know if someone is keeping an archive of github repositories? (Tach-Yon/Tap-Tap-Adventure)

and in the wild, used for actual work!

My spreadsheet is building up of the connections, in a full rewire from scratch of a race car.

Hey everyone, here from G+ as it's being killed off next August (if not before, who knows). May as well start now if you want to try to figure out where people are gonna be at, right?

I’m interested in #coffee, #wine, #bourbon, #beer, #food, #caturday, #dogs, #gaming, #geek, #introvert, #netflix, and #scifi. Don’t want to believe it but G+ is finally going away so trying other places.

Yes! This is exactly how I wanted Firefox Containers to work!

I now have * open in the Google container tab, so hangouts, G+ etc are int heir own one πŸ™‚

CB350 rebuild going well so far. ^.^ (may or may not be rebuilding an engine in the living room.)

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