Looking for recommendations for a #selfhosted #opensource #photography web site / gallery that I can set up for a family member -- ideally on cheap shared hosting, something minimalistic but user friendly.

Obviously #wordpress is an option. It will be low-traffic but WP just seems heavyweight for this use case. I'm not too familiar with what else is out there.

Please boost :)

soooo... whoever thought that making people download games and mega updates (15GB +) was a good idea instead of physical disks was smoking crack. i have a slow connection. took me 3 hrs to update a game I just purchased 2/days ago and it was a 50+GB download.

This #polaroid #minutemaker was sitting on the counter at Brew + Foam coffee shop inside Tattoolicious #tattoo studio in Waikiki, #Hawaii. Amazing #coffee, it’s below where we’re staying so we’ve been there at least once a day.

Wife and I ended up talking to the salesman for a while today at the Montblanc shop in Ala Moana shopping centre in Hawaii, checking out all the cool expensive fountain pens 🖋
I was clear that I couldn’t afford them, but he happily took them out and showed us a few. I showed him my Karas Kustoms copper fountain pen and he seemed suitably impressed.

I guess a pen geek in a nice shop is still a pen geek 😊

A few weeks ago I began my #RetroComputing adventure with buying a #Commodore64 on #Ebay... While the unit ended up outputting the dreaded "black screen"; through research, some cool discoveries were made! I discovered the #C64 Reloaded MK II; a new board that uses the old C64 chips... I just bought one! However, I did not realize until now that I need to desolder the chips from my C64 to use it... This is why we hack. It's for these "happy accidents" 😅 #retro #electronics #soldering #moneypit

Netflix has blocked the extension that makes watching it possible on Linux... to... stop.... piracy...

And all over different ~/ across the world this song is on repeat as old torrent sites are rediscovered.


What is the URL for that yes/no site that shows if PixelFed is federated yet? I've seen it a couple of times but I can't remember the URL.

Turns out Hawaii has stairs.

So I took a photo.

Hawaii has some dangerous creatures on the loose...

The fact that browsers implement tracking prevention and a distraction-free reading mode tells a lot about the general state of the web.

The most excellent and lamentable tragedy of Flat UI Design, in two acts.

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