Any of you still using fb, maybe give this a look. Help with the embrace, extend part, perhaps.... but in a good way 😁

This articulates my frustration with the cognitive dissonance of people who know that Big Tech is bad but continue to embolden it.

"Perhaps, deep down, we are aware of our hypocrisy, which informs our expressions of outrage. The tweets, the hot takes, podcasts, and talking heads on — everything is theater. We are simply distracting ourselves from ourselves, avoiding the feeling that we are ultimately powerless when it comes to meaningfully influencing the outcome. "

So I watched the extended highlights of today's stage 11, and youtube now recommends extended highlights of 2019 stage 11. And people are worried about AI taking over.

Is anyone offering hosting yet? I should probably see how hard it is for an averagely technical person to do these days. 🤔


I think tonight I’ll install and see how it goes on a decent machine. The noise removal in Lightroom *seems* to be better, but given a more powerful machine I can now spend time on that in darktable to see if I can tweak and improve that without waiting for loading to see if a change was good or bad.

If so.... we’ll, I miss i3. Even with FancyTiling or whatever it’s called in Windows. It’s not the same.

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So, pending some fan filters and grills, my new pc build is done.

With .

I have and installed. And some games.

I am mostly underwhelmed. Gaming is less appealing than anticipated. I’d rather process a backlog of RAW images I’ve taken usually. Maybe run Perpetuum in the background though, mining or something.


Ok then rebooted and I’ll try it from within windows then. Wow they really don’t want you to install this crap do they 😂

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But I got it tidied up and hidden behind drive bays in the end. Just waiting on fan filters and some mesh for the drive bay covers I removed and the radiator to protect it.

I love how underwhelming it looks.

#ryzen #amd #pcbuilding #watercooling #retro

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And progress was had.

A productive evening, sending more time than I should to make something support what it was never designed to hold...

Bottom fan and front fans are intakes, lower front draws from the bottom of the plastic front panel, and the top one with draws through mesh I’ll fit instead of blanking plates in the drive bays.
Top 2 are exhaust fans through a radiator which will sit atop them externally, I have yet to cut holes for the hoses.

More to follow over the next few days, I’m hoping to have this together this weekend as I’m hanging out to use it! 😊

#pcbuilding #ryzen #watercooling #beige #pccase

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