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Yay! I can now dump this script and my Logo folder with logo and event annotations, and when run it resizes the image, adds a black 2px border, then adds 1080px square white border padding with event details and my logo.
Spits them out into a folder all ready for upload to #instagram.
And batch processes an entire folder damn quickly.

I still need to make it work nicely on portrait images though.
#photography #imagemagick

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If you love working on the command-line as much as I do, you may like what I have been working on recently!

Meet glow - a stylish #markdown viewer for your shell:


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Ok, so #imagemagick is my new favourite thing.
Thanks to this kind person here: xoogu.com/2013/how-to-automati I was able to add a border and event logos to an entire folder of images using a #script which I can change the logos for and reuse for other events. This will save me hours!
#Linux #Photography
Freakn awesome.

Forced shutdown to prevent updates. Rebooted and did what I had to, then forced shutdown with power button and rebooted into Manjaro so I could continue photo processing.

Every bloody time... I think I’ll have to give up on dual booting and just run Linux on this, and buy a different laptop for the few pieces of software I have to run on Windows 😡


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