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Hi all, I've moved to this account from @ignitionigel to keep username consisent across instances.
I assume some follows will drop off, but oh well 🙂

@rtwx - One does not simply watch YouTube videos without adblock.

If everyone use adblock, YouTube will die and we can all move over to something better, like LBRY. No ads, and no middle man who takes 50% cut of the revenue. Not to mention, the creators remain the owner of their content.

I recognize that the novel Ender's Game has some flaws. But I personally find it worth re-reading every so often for one reason: I first read it when I was the characters' age, and it struck me as an accurate description of the internal experience of being a kid.

Whenever I'm tempted to patronize kids, I need to revisit that and remember how deeply kids can think and how serious life can feel, regardless of the age. No one likes being spoken to like a child, even—especially!—if they are one.

What nobody tells you about documentation,

According to the author, there are 4 kind of documentations: Tutorials, How-to Guides, Explanation, Reference. Each one serving a specific purpose.

Interesting read.

Chrome is a Google Service that happens to include a Browser Engine,

Since Chrome 69 or Chromium (latest), logging into a Google service logs you in the browser. This is not neutral at all. It must be an extension at worst…

I currently have an Android phone but I don't love giving Google a constant stream of telemetry. Anyone out there using a FOSS rom for daily use on their phone?

There are a moderate number of phone apps that I use often (Lyft, mealpal, transit apps). I wonder if I could side load apks?

Would love to hear from folks who have taken the plunge. Is dual booting possible?

So here’s my fantasy/fan theory: When #Disney launches their new streaming service, they’ll need a lot of content. The #DuckTales reboot is the best thing they’ve done in years. So they’ll ask the creative team behind it to reboot all of Disney Afternoon, including Tale Spin and Chip and Dale. Then we’ll get a whole suite of shows that are like our childhood except way better.

Wow. Adverts in the middle of a youtube video is a surefire way for me to stop watching right there and then.
I don't care how special the information is after that. It goes off. Your video is not that precious.

@rtwx holy shit...I didn't know that FreeEMS was a, this needs SO MUCH more visibility

Wow, this is a bigger turnout than I expected! I'm so happy I could get you all in on the conversation!

More geeking out about elinks.

You know how in qutebrowser you have those letters that pop over each link so you can jump straight to a link? Yeah, elinks can do that too! You hit the . and each link then has a number next to it so you can jump straight to the one you want.

I have a vague memory of #gaming in Windows 3.1 (and therefore on DOS I guess), and having to boot with different memory configurations. I think Expanded and Extended memory? I was in high school at the time, I do remember it having 8MB of ram because it was more than my friends that had 4MB.
I don’t even remember how I found out how to change the allocated memory types, the internet want really a thing.

Holy crap we’ve come a long way in a short time.

Holy crap I’m getting old.

I added my mastodon sticker designs to my t-shirt shop. So you can easily print them on stuff now. But remember: these are CC-0, so you can use them for your own stuff, too.!/

If Moore's law is dead, then we can get back to the art of conserving memory, hardware access and bandwidth. What a wonderful day!

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This Monday, let’s all join in a moment of silent contemplation for all the people who have to use Flash or Silverlight-based applications in their daily work.

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