Hi all! What is the best FOSS note taking app with image support? I'm a big fan of simplenote, but I'm really missing the ability to insert images.

Wow. Thanks for the massive input! I've tried a few of the suggestions and think I'm going to settle with Joplin at this moment. Emacs and orgmode seems like the next step when I have some free time.

@rsnhk My favourite is . It’s a markdown editor and handles image resources fairly well in my experience

@efftoyz @rsnhk another vote for emacs + orgmode
Joplin is also a good option, it's not a steep learning curve.

@rsnhk I normally use nano or pen and paper. But if I needed image support I'd prob go with notesup from elementary. Its a note taking program that uses markdown.

@rsnhk I like turtl a lot, very unique functionality (passwords and suh). I've settled with Simplenote and linked images hosted elsewhere though.

@rsnhk Zim might be an option.
I've used it before switching to QOwnNotes and Nextcloud. My notes are in plain text. QOwnNotes supports images but Nextcloud Notes web and mobile apps do not display them.

I'm using carnet - even though inserting images via the android app doesn't work currently.

@rsnhk I'm a bit late here but I really like Joplin. You can paste images in and use markdown to format your notes. Also, there's a search feature and tagging so you can use those to further organize y our notesbooks and all that.

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