So I'm thinking about creating a series and am researching topics. Since we decided to go with on-prem servers, it's been a while since I looked into ethical hosting/VPS alternatives. Basically, if you're not using AWS/Azure/GCP servers, who are the ethical server providers you should turn to?

So far I have . Anyone else?

@Gina we, a small group of floss contributors, just launched Would have our first review and comments on how we can improve 😊

@rskikuli whoaa that's really cool, I'm definitely checking that out today!

Edit: quickly looked around a bit, love the UI and 'decentralized ftw.' Will dive in this afternoon.

@Gina many thanks for your kind words. We are still working on improving a lot of things, but working around the clock to make it better. Looking forward to your comments :)

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