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Thanks to everyone showing up yesterday at the Fediverse meetup at in Tirana 🙏 Happy to see that the majority of the participants now have a Mastodon account. See you around here @Angjelina @eraldguri @AulonaKolicaj @silva

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Yikes. "The fingerprints of over 1 million people, as well as facial recognition information... was discovered on a publicly accessible database for a company used by the likes of the UK Metropolitan police, defence contractors and banks."

* ActivityPub Conference 2019 * Speakers announced

Just making a page - see the schedule

#activitypub #fediverse #apconf

Framasoft - the non-profit educational organization which is doing an awesome work to your Internet. 👏👏

Learn what they do: and don't forget to them @Framasoft 🤗😍

An official report for the Dutch government concluded:

“(Microsoft Office) systematically collects data on a large scale ... covertly, without informing people. … Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection.”

Don't use Microsoft Office, use LibreOffice instead 👍

It's free, open and you can get it here:

You can follow them on here:


#MicrosoftOffice #Alternatives #LibreOffice

Today, we released a new version of #REUSE which helps developers to declare #copyright and #licensing of their projects. Check out the new tutorial, tool and FAQ to make your software licensing clear and easy! #FreeSoftware

Run your own social! 👊

Using big social media sites is easy, but you pay a steep price for it. You should consider running your own site, which is harder, but can be extremely rewarding.

Learn how:

It's been a while ... but we are still here!
If someone is into logo-design, please feel free to design a new one for us. 💚


Microsoft presents itself as more concerned with the ethics of AI than Amazon or Google. But then it invests in a facial recognition company doing business in regions with tainted human rights records such as Palestine, Hong Kong, and Russia.


i used to be really into having the newest computer gadget. now i use refurbished hardware. it's so much cheaper. it lasts. it reduces landfill waste. it's great, and i don't really feel like i am missing out on much tech-wise.

here are some tips if you need tech stuff but don't want to spend a lot of money, support horrible companies, and such (1/n) is a new mastodon instance for fans and creators of music to chill and talk about music.

Contribution to Wikimedia Commons while chilling on a Sunday in Durrës, Albania I need to work more on my photo skills though :/

Had a lot of fun and learned new things yesterday at Open Labs hackerspace in at the workshop about Wikimedia Commons. Looking forward to the next one 😎

Happy to see the reaction from the community: In the mean time I'm working with my pals from @collective68 to launch the Community Support program (early or mid 2020) that will hopefully help free open source community members to move away from the big tech.
Talking about big corporations: here is a song against them

Everyone should move away from GitHub now!
I will setup mirrors of all my repositories today

@github blocked all Iranian accounts without prior notice or the chance to download their data. The whole process is quite & a result of a approach in tech.
Once more we emphasize that self-hosting can be the best protection mechanism. CC @gitlab

We're starting a posts series featuring people or communities who are doing a great work towards the movement. Stay tuned. 🤩

Recently, Github has restricted people from Iran, Syria, and other regions from accessing their private repositories and the static website host Github Pages.

Free and ethical technology use denounces such crony nepotism oppressing individuals from practicing technological liberties and hacker culture. Please consider using as your new host for your projects. Sourcehut is 100% libre, composable, Javascript-free, and does not track you at all!

OSM Mapathon në Prizren!
Me tematikë specifike, “Qendra Historike e Prizrenit”.

Të shtunën prej 10:00 në

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