I realize that the amazing success of the US was that it was the FOSS version of government. Federated and decentralized. The constant push to centralize everything to the federal government is the source of all its failures. Centralization fails in every field, not just software.

@rsheftel Strangely enough it seem to work rather well in northern europe.

@sotolf Perhaps because each country in Northern Europe is "federated" as part of the EU? Free to experiment in governance as its people want?

@sotolf Curios as to why Norway decided given the risk/reward tradeoff not to join a larger centralized government? Real question, I do not know Norwegian politics at all

@rsheftel First of all we have a lot of oil money that we'd have to give away to the EU, second we would have very little to say in the EU because of our small (~5mill) population, so basically we'd have to take everything the bigger countries decided we'd have to do and since we'd have few delegates we would have next to no say in the matters, as a member of the European Economic Union from the outside we actually have more of a say than what we would have were we in the union.

@rsheftel Germany kinda works like USA, and it's an efficient country too

We, as Italians, suffer a lot from centralization and poorly managed resources, especially in this age of Covid.

@marcosg Covid has certainly laid bare the gross incompetence of the government. Thus why they are in such a panic to shut down public discourse.

This is a classic "feel good" comparison with no substance, no insight, and no defense against scrutiny. Reader beware.

@rsheftel Foss and federation/decentralization aren't the same tho. Mail is federated, but lots of mail apps, such as GMail or Outlook aren't free software. Many (most?) apps that are free software aren't federated, such as Signal or Gitea.
Also I wouldn't call the US successful after recent incidents.

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