Sometimes it's really annoying how the zfs-linux arch package can take so long to get updated to new kernels that another new kernel comes out before it finally gets updated to the previous one.

@rridley well, it is a filesystem, which was intentionally licensed to prevent usage on Linux (you can use it, but distros can't redistribute Linux+ZFS. Ubuntu does what it wants to, but they haven't been challenged in a court. 🤷🏽‍♂️). So the Linux devs have no obligation to avoid breaking ZFS on newer releases & the OpenZFS team has to do a lot of work for each new version and that takes time. I'd recommend sticking to the LTS kernel if you want a stable, working ZFS installation on Arch.

@artfulsodger I dunno I just build it myself, takes like a minute - i'm just whining to whine

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