Disk 2 is being tranferred!!

14G down 226G to go


The worst part about hurricanes now are that all the yanks moved down here and are now fucking everything up for the people that have lived here.

You do not need to stock pile fuel 4 days before a hurricane.

What the fuck are you gonna do with all of it? Sell it to us at double the price? Great way to catch a bullet.

Just making life more miserable for the rest of us.

Alright we are at 10G of 240G and it's been about 4 hours...

Oh glad I looked today because apparently my snapshots have not been syncing...

Well this is gonna be fun trying to rush out 300 GB of VM disks with a 10Mbit upstream

Well shoot... Looks like I'll be activating the hurricane preparation VM migration today.

Watching the video for Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was and having seen Toby Keith recently makes me realize that, like Toby Keith,, you should hold onto your youth long after it passes

Maybe it's gonna sound weird but ever since our business moved from Slack to Teams our "Random Chit Chat" channel went from being extremely active to misc conversations to literally zero.

Our last message in our new "Random Chit Chat" teams channel was over 8 months ago.

Microsoft Teams is where teams go to fucking die.

Oh three more bugs specifically affecting Safari?



Okay how the hell do I make this macintosh os machine get rid of the icloud setup notification dot?

I'm not setting it up, eat a bag of cat turds apple.

Just found a Windows 2008 R2 machine that our regional support team has never installed a single windows update on since it was setup.

Good golly gee do I not want to put hurricane shutters up

Hello macos i would like to maximize the size of this application

window proceeds to maximize vertically but not horizontally

yeah, that's it. thanks...

Busy day today but we deployed our first regional salt-master with salt-syndic!

We have infra on every continent and have had issues running everything on a single salt master in the US. Everything in the US ran okay but anything else was a big iffy.

Took a bit of work but we can now deploy a globally distributed Saltstack infrastructure!

Soup base come out fuckin' excellent!

Added some sweet potatoes and bacon now, gonna wait for it to simmer for a bit and add the chicken.

On track to be delicious!

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