The image on has shipped with a key embedded in the root account. Please be cautious!

Though it's far from polished, I finally got my Standard Notes blog up and running. Eventually I'll have it looking better. And I do intend to keep blogging at, but I envision my and my Standard Notes blogs developing differently from each other. Both are linked in my Fostodon profile, BTW.

I just heard a soccer mom say she is going to build her own website so she can get off of Facebook. If this sentiment has moved all the way into the soccer mom realm, Facebook is in trouble.

Do we *ever* stop working on our personal websites? -

If you have done so, let me know how. I'd love to know.

I like this. A CSS library designed to work with plain HTML tags (no classes). It's like HTML pre-CSS, but more attractive :)

Though I've been a happy WordPress user for many years, recent wonkiness at my personal website has me remembering how peaceful things were when I used a hand-coded, static site.

Out of consideration for the sensibilities of the readers of my different blogs, I publish them separately from each other. For my own convenience, I keep one central location where they can all be seen. Of course, everyone can follow that central location via RSS, but I doubt if anyone does that.

"...with extensions, Standard Notes becomes one of the best services I've used."

I just published a new article!

Read the article:

Much of my morning has been spent deleting news feeds that no longer interest me from , and adding feeds of blogs recently found and enjoyed.

New article about Graphene OS and my privacy journey.

"...back then I didn’t want to “sacrifice” everything Google was offering me, because I didn’t know what the currency of the payment was, my data."

Read my newest article:

We all have heard the Pro one-sided media encouraging the masquerade.

There are two sides to every mask, so to speak.

Here is an interesting article by Patrick Fagan on the Cons of wearing a mask.

Have you heard of Menticide?

Copper engraving of Doctor Schnabel (i.e., Dr. Beak), a plague doctor in seventeenth-century Rome, circa 1656 (Public Domain)

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