A concise explanation, if you don’t mind the occasional* swear word.

* every second or so.

QT AlecStapp: This video does a better job explaining what’s really going on with Australia’s “News Media Bargaining Code” than any article I’ve seen from traditional media sources:

sr.ht has Pages now. Officially leaving Gitlab. LOL

We're experiencing rolling blackouts this morning as ERCOT, the state agency that manages our electrical grid, sheds load. We don't have enough electrical generation in the state of Texas to support all these electric heaters. I wonder how many registered voters wish we still had some of the coal fired plants that were shut down over the last decade. There are worries this will happen again in summer as the air conditioning load increases with all of the people moving to Texas.

After seeing others follow in my footsteps to run their own server hardware, I felt inspired to write a blog post detailing the process.

Parler’s epic fail: A crash course on running your own servers with a shoestring budget


Read this guide, and run your own server today!

Extending our 6th birthday sale 

Who says you can't have a birthday month? 🎂

We're now extending our 6th birthday celebration (and sale on Pro) until the end of February.

Learn more in our latest newsletter: write.as/deals/its-our-birthda

We've sent a full explanation of Element and Matrix to the Google Play Store Policy team as of 11:44 UTC and we're waiting for a response. Meanwhile we've published a blog post on the situation which we'll keep updated as it evolves: t.co/5SmoJjZn4N

If there's anybody here who wants to make fun of my attempt at creating a Social Media platform, you can see it here:


I mean it's really nothing much, but it can talk to the Fediverse. Treat it like a "Roast Me". Beat me up. I can take it.

Apostrophe is a clean and intuitive Markdown editor designed for those who love distraction-free writing. It's packed with features like dark mode, multi-format export, and inline preview.

Get it on Flathub: flathub.org/apps/details/org.g #GNOMECircle

mozilla has gone to shit, and it sucks. it used to be the pinnacle of open source, but look at it now—pathetic.

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Moral of the story? If you want your shit secure, use Linux...

Russia Used Microsoft Resellers in Hacking - The New York Times

« Well, in a year as disrupted and strange as 2020, it's nice to know that there are some things you can rely on, for example the traditional end-of-year new release of , which we launch today. Here's a run-through of the main new features that you'll find in it » raspberrypi.org/blog/new-raspb

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