So I just found out about this secure, free video chat.

Have any of you used it? I'm always intrigued by stuff like this.


How to build a cheap cord-cutting DVR using Raspberry Pi

Want to roll your own cord-cutting DVR? The $35 Raspberry Pi is the cheapest starting point.

A virus outbreak is not an ideal way to start your remote working experience so here’s my advice on what you can do to make it better and perhaps even stick to it after the normal service resumes

@markosaric Great post. I would like to mention, the much overlooked, Movim as a easy to use collaboration tool for workgroups, schools etc. With chatrooms, communities and one-on-one video conferencing. It's FLOSS of course.

The more I use `wordgrinder` for actual writing, the more I find it absolutely perfect for my needs, and for controlling my old visual design habits.

Oh Goodie! There's a special deal for me! Windows 10 is only $129.

I can't wait to downgrade from debian.

Don't pay for expensive PDF editing tools – use LibreOffice Draw! Since LibreOffice 6.4, it lets you consolidate (join) multiple text boxes into a single one, which is great if you've imported a PDF and the text content is split up into lots of chunks:

There are some great free & open source options for adding comments to your @write_as blog! This walkthrough explores some commenting options, including inline comments with Hypothesis! We'd love to hear what you use too:

We got "Publish via Email" working again for our Pro users! Thank you so much for your patience during the process. If you haven't heard of the feature but are interested in using it, learn more here:

Software is never done. If you stop working on software, it becomes useless in one year, tops.

We're basically building sand castles, but with a slightly longer shelf life. Why did we choose this medium?

Google introduced lazy loading in Chrome 76 last year.

WordPress will enable lazy loading in the 5.4 release which is on March 31st.

Mozilla will enable lazy loading in Firefox 75 which is on April 7th.

This makes the web greener & faster 👏

Why start a YouTube vlog in 2020?

1⃣ Second most visited website
2⃣ Second most used search engine
3⃣ 2+ billion logged-in monthly users
4⃣ 1+ billion hours of video watched daily
5⃣ $15 billion in ad revenue in 2019 (majority paid out to the creators)

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