Literally made a blank screen web app / desktop hybrid for some reason.

Found my most enjoyable and productive coding environment!

Just heard about CentOS-Redhat thing and wow how stunning it was.

Suddenly many companies discovered privacy-related “bugs” that somehow survived through their rigorous quality controls with the release of iOS14’s privacy indicators 🤣

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Github down is enough to send devs around the world either very happy or very frustrated.

Ubuntu blew up for the 3rd time in 4 months. A good chance to switch to Arch for real day-to-day use.

Spend years finding a software that satisfies all my requirements only to realise that the thing that perfectly ticks all boxes is Drupal 🤣😂

‪Keep telling myself not to reinvent the wheel just because the wheel doesn’t look good. ‬

‪Oculus Quest is really a marvel of computer vision: vision-only SLAM, vision-only hand tracking and mapping in real-time on a mobile processor – a practical commercialisation of years of research with good user experience and business use cases. ‬

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‪Time to invoke the drink-and-code again 😶‬

Just realised you can make async arrow functions.

Now I see why people like Await more than Promise

Writing ES5 alternately with ES6 is like writing two languages at the same time

Always jumping around between trying to host a FoSS platform and hack it to my needs or just making one from scratch.

In the end, none is done.

Watching real rocket launch just feel real:

“Lastly I would like to thanks the great team ... and most of all I want to thank Elon for hiring!”

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Time to pull out the "drink and code" working strategy
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