I put together a cool compilation of people dancing to Jump Up drum and bass. I guess it's my first music video, enjoy! (good headphones/speakers recommended so you can hear that BASS). Made with FOSS software 💪


@rootbsd whole different category of 'phone' and purpose. 🙂

If you do end up deciding on making a sdcard or emmc, this script is nice to get the initial setup going.

Automates installing/creating the Arch base you like (Phosh or SXMO or Plasma) setting up disk encryption:


@rootbsd Hell yea. 😃

that is themain image I use/installed both and the emmc :)

check out adding sources to add many new interesting application choices for pentest/cryptography.

Made a video on this:


@kirby @syscrash @mathstew92 @safiuddinkhan

You can play Return to Castle Wolfenstein natively on Linux now thanks to the iortcw engine. You still have to buy the game from GOG or steam though. I had trouble with the AUR build so I just compiled the source from github myself. Time to kill some Nazis!

Ze American! Get him! pew pew pew 🔫


Thanks for 1K subscribers guys, I really appreciate all your encouragement and support! 🙏


My OpenBSD server is up and running, now to make my website. Hopefully I can have it up by the new year!

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