Hi everyone, I am just a curious guy endedup using linux :linuxmintnew: and scared as hell when I learned about the online privacy issues. :appledarwin:

So deleted almost all of my social media and unused online accounts and found Mastodon. Still figuring how this works.

Trying to learn online privacy basics. :cinnamon:

Has anyone figured the whole online privacy thing out? :duckduckgo:

@rookie welcome to the fediverse! One could say we get our hands dirty in this online privacy thing :)

@yarmo I'm already moving towards opensource everything but got stuck with a android phone with google in it.

@rookie in most cases, that's already as good as it gets. I flashed mine with lineage which is an improvement over google android. Perhaps you could try that out one day!

@yarmo @rookie

Well, PinePhones (or Librem 5 when it'll actually work) are supposed to be much more secure than android-based phones...


For "every-day" functions I use a locked-down privacy minded browser like Vivaldi or Firefox, and I stay away from unfriendy sites as much as possible.

Searches are done at least at DuckDuckGo, if not completely Google free like swisscows.

All email is encryped.

@Scottws thank you so much, this is awesome. I have whole a lot of things to implement and migrating to a new mail client is going to be a hassel.

@rookie yeah, it is a pain, no doubt. I've been de-googling for a couple months now tho, and I enjoy being outside the typical net.
Truth is, best way to secure a smartphone is to get a flip phone. Lol. But these are good little acts of rebelling. :)

@Scottws Yep tried basic phone for a while.

The battery life is AMAZING! they lasted me for 3 days, they are the best.

I had to use payment apps so came back to smartphone life.

To be honest I spend way more time on computers than on phone, so I can kinda say I still can rock basic phone if I try a bit hard.

How long did it take you to de-googlify?

I'm still working on it. Lol. I want to get a @PINE64 pine phone and ditch android.
Also need to download all my photos and find something to do with them.
Other than that, once I firmly made up my mind, I turned off all app connections in FB and disabled it, and I keep as much Google stuff turned off as I can. I'm even running an app called "Private Location" that spoofs my device location as Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lol

I still shop Amazon tho, and watch Prime video. Lol.

@Scottws @rookie @PINE64 Scott I would definitely check out SyncThing for your photos and other stuff. It basically can turn a folder into a redundant storage where all the devices have it synced. So if one goes bad you haven't lost it. And this is done without servers and port opening since its P2P over networks and an optional discovery server.

I wouldn't use any of the big free emails like Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. If you have to use gmail, get flowcrypt to encrypt it. If moving is OK, Tutanota or Protonmail or C Templar.

All text messages are encrypted with Signal.

Online office apps: cryptpad or something like it.

Meetings/video calls/screensharing: Jitsi

You could add VPN (outside 5-eyes) to add a layer.

Oops. Thought of more.
F-droid for your app store. Only install apps from there. Remove/disable as much as you can. Install ClassyShark3xodus to see what apps that remain are tracking about you.

Use plugins or apps that rewrite twitter URLs to and YouTube to invidious. Untrackme is an android app for that. There are browser plugins for it as well.

@rookie Welcome aboard! You've landed in the right place.

@rookie welcome, I recommend you to watch a youtube channel called "the hated one". Also in the near future I want to upload content about privacy and software security.

@onion thanks for the suggestion, I am looking forward to see your content onion.

@rookie Welcome aboard. You're in the right place.

A very simple rule I follow is: if you are NOT comfortable with a given datum being on the internet, potentially forever, and visible by who-knows-what,

Don't put it on the internet. Ever.

This is before encryption, before VPN's, before anonymous usernames and deleting history and cookies.

If you don't want to lose control of it, then do not pur it out there.

Sounds extreme (and why I only apply it to a few things) but that's how it goes.

@wholesomedonut thats so extreme and cool at the same time. I wonder how many of the facebook users know about data harvesting.

@rookie too few for it to be a big deal to the majority.

And yeah it is extreme. I only go THAT far with certain things.

Like... I'm wholesomedonut. The world can know that, my keybase, and my love of cats. It's on my masto profile already. 😂

You have to act like whatever is posted or on your profile is 100% visible to EVERYONE.

Even if 99.999999% of those people couldn't care less about what I post or favorite, Internet privacy is focused on dodging the interest of that .000001% that does.

@rookie Welcome! I think you know already, but if you don't, check out @torproject. They are one of the finest tools to protect your privacy.

Welcome here !
You can check also. They got a lot of gafam alternatives

GrapheneOS, LineageOS or /e/ could be better alternatives to native android ROMs because Google apps are removed from those ones

Welcome to one of the best place for freedom of speech 😊

@rookie hi ! Glad to see you around, if you want to learn a bit more check out the EFF self defense website. Its full of very interesting articles on his to protect yourself online.

@rookie welcome ans good Luck for your quest of privacy


Hi and welcome.
You may be interested in the documentary "Nothing to hide" and the webdocumentary Do Not Track (note that it's five years old).
The main thing that you should understand is that automated tracking is pervasive but quite easy to prevent once you start using the right tools, and that getting higher levels of privacy (against targeted tracking) gets much more difficult but isn't that necessary as targeted attacks come at a high cost for the attacker.
Basically, be careful, not paranoid.

@LienRag got it, thank you, LienRag. I will check it out asap.


Also, you need to understand the difference between twitter, facebook etc. and the fediverse.
GAFAM will collect all the data about you that they are able to collect, in order to sell your profile to advertisers.
Fediverse instances will mostly collect only the data they need to deliver your posts and to deliver you other people's posts, and will (usually, though there is no technical reason that prevents them) not sell your data.
But all the data you make public is public and can be collected by anyone, including hostile actors.

@LienRag the nothing to hide documentry is insane, but couldn't view the do not track link. Is it broken or something?

Learned a ton and still have to learn a lot about this stuff. Do you know a place where one can educate or update about recent findings?


I'd say the Fediverse is a good place to start..
What languages do you understand ?

(BTW the donottrack link works for me, I don't know why it doesn't on your computer. Which browser do you use ?)

@LienRag I understand English very well.

Am sorry. At first, I tried accessing the link from my phone, but now I tried it from pc. No issues there.


The thing is that I don't know who there specialize in explaining security questions to beginners in English, though I'm confident that you'll find some here.


Actually @protonmail has some documentation exactly to that purpose, I forgot about it.


I interact with them in French so I didn't mention them earlier, but they have English documentation....

@LienRag really! That's awesome, can you give me a link or something.

@LienRag @exodus

Are all the privacy advocates present in fediverse. I recently came across tor project in fediverse. This is so cool.

Thank you once again Lien Rag.

@LienRag Yes, I installed it, but, I don't know what to do with that information.

I uninstalled all the apps I could and thats about it.

Is there anything else I can do?

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