Day 62 of the series:

A little annoyed and preachy in this one. Might be because I'm a little under the weather and my BP is up. Dunno.

dear #FOSS #linux #programmers
if facebook isn't open source, then why can i read their source code in my web browser?

check mate

Hello World! Interested to see what this is all about.

Customer Service lackey who has been teaching himself Linux command line programming and is interested in all things FOSS.

Hi everyone, I am just a curious guy endedup using linux :linuxmintnew: and scared as hell when I learned about the online privacy issues. :appledarwin:

So deleted almost all of my social media and unused online accounts and found Mastodon. Still figuring how this works.

Trying to learn online privacy basics. :cinnamon:

Has anyone figured the whole online privacy thing out? :duckduckgo:


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