Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be botwiki.org!

The problem with #TikTok is not whether it is based in China or the US. The problem with TikTok is TikTok:
tutanota.com/blog/posts/proble The US ban of TikTok suggests that surveillance via social media giants is okay, but not when the surveillance is being done by China. While TikTok might be one of the worst surveillance machines, we have to understand that surveillance is always bad. Let's fight for our right to #privacy. 💪

Bloggers of the decentralized web, let's unite and share our knowledge and solutions.

Today marks the beginning of or "Explain Like I Use Facebook" where we post content about how this new internet works and link to other blog posts that share similar knowledge. The target audience is, obviously, the userbase of websites like facebook that breathe the centralized internet but start to see the flaws of their internet.

The first of many posts:


Procrastination ( Post_4)


This post is dedicated to people who feel as if they are stuck.

Fellow Fosstodon users, let me know how you optimize your computer for privacy.

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Looking forward to your response

On Monday, join Electronic Frontier Alliance member @cctvcambridge for a skillshare on privacy-preserving browser settings. twitter.com/cctvcambridge/stat

How do we make ironic articles about the loss of privacy on websites that use spy trackers a thing of the past?

The duality of tech journals / online magazines / bloggers that advocate for #privacy yet are using #google #analytics, pervasive ad tracking (offline and online), etc. on their websites is an issue that may demand our attention.

What might help?

+ A code of conduct?
+ More vocal online protest?
+ Sharable “I won’t read your post because...” graphics?

Any ideas are welcome...

Looked for a good search engine alternative for and found search engine

Fellow fosstodon users, let me know what search engine you use and why?

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If possible, let me know what you think about the post.

Day 62 of the series:

A little annoyed and preachy in this one. Might be because I'm a little under the weather and my BP is up. Dunno.


Hello World! Interested to see what this is all about.

Customer Service lackey who has been teaching himself Linux command line programming and is interested in all things FOSS.

Hi everyone, I am just a curious guy endedup using linux :linuxmintnew: and scared as hell when I learned about the online privacy issues. :appledarwin:

So deleted almost all of my social media and unused online accounts and found Mastodon. Still figuring how this works.

Trying to learn online privacy basics. :cinnamon:

Has anyone figured the whole online privacy thing out? :duckduckgo:


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